Bella Hadid looks incredibly similar to this 50-year-old star and people are freaking out

Bella Hadid looks incredibly similar to this 50-year-old star and people are freaking out

There's no denying that supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid are both recipients of a generous genetic blessing. They were both on Forbes' top ten list of highest-paid models last year, each of them has strutted down the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show, and they both have sizeable social media followings meaning they can also cash in on being "influencers".

But while they're both stunning, they each have completely different looks. Of course, they do look similar, but there are noticeable differences too. Gigi has blonde hair and squidgier cheeks, and Bella is a brunette with sharper features that are dramatically accentuated in her current 90's-inspired fashion and beauty sense.

But while Bella might have very distinct features and an edgy look, it turns out that's she's got a doppelgänger. And you probably already know her. 

Yes, the 21-year-old beauty is one of the most sought-after faces in the fashion world, but it turns out that there she's got a 50-year-old look-a-like. Who is it, you ask? The one and only Carla Bruni.

Carla was a supermodel herself back in the day, and the two of them bumped into one another on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival. Carla herself couldn't deny the similarities, posting an image of the two of them shooting their supermodel stares down the camera with the caption, "Do I have a hidden daughter?".

Well, it seems that people certainly think so. Fans gawked at their similarities, noting that their slender noses, the color of their hair and eyes, and their high cheekbones looked very much alike.

And it turns out that their similarities extend further than their looks. Carla got famous around the same age as Bella, back in 1987 when she stormed the catwalks for high-end brands like Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent. Bella also found her fame by gaining the attention of top fashion houses on the catwalks.

Now, Carla is focusing on her musical career, though she did star in the Versace Spring 2018 show in a "Supermodel Runway Reunion" alongside Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer. Carla is also married to the former President of France, Nicolas Sarokzy, so let's see if Bella also snags a future President somewhere down the line...

Bella is in Cannes right now for the festival, and despite the good time she's been having at the official events and parties (she's even been snapped smooching her ex, The Weeknd), Bella told Glamour that she's staying centered during the "ruckus" of it all.

"The food and champagne are the pleasures of Cannes but it’s so important to make time for myself," she said. "I work so much and meet so many new people every day so I like to just take time for myself to reflect on what I’ve done and stay centered. We take daily life so seriously but we forget to take our happiness seriously. I make a point every day to put myself first before I get stuck in the ruckus."

Well, of all the people she met this week, we're so glad she caught up with Carla for that incredible selfie.