Billie Faiers' wedding – how much did it all cost when the star married Greg Shepherd?

Billie Faiers' wedding – how much did it all cost when the star married Greg Shepherd?

Billie Faiers' wedding to Greg Shepherd sure was the event of the season - but how much did it cost?

The couple, who had a five-year-long engagement, tied the knot on the 5th March 2019. They wed in the Maldives in front of 95 friends and family.

And a 90-minute special of The Mummy Diaries: The Wedding allowed fans to see the magical week unfold.

Billie Faiers wedding (Credit: ITV) Billie Faiers shared her wedding with fans on ITV's The Mummy Diaries (Credit: ITV)

How much did Billie Faiers' wedding cost?

It's believed that the extravagant nuptials cost Billie Faiers and Greg Shepherd £229,000.

Billie Faiers looked uncomfortable on This Morning back in March of 2019, when host Philip Schofield questioned her about the cost of her luxury Maldives wedding. 

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"My God, you must be earning beautifully to be able to do this," Phil said. "This is the Kuramathi resort in the Maldives. So, we had a look, if you were to stay there next Saturday it would be £650 a night."

"That would be £4,588 for a week for the superior beach villa. The whole week for 100 guests - £229,000. So you must have got a deal there. £229 grand for your wedding?"

The 30-year-old replied, "Yeah, it wasn't quite that," before Phil asked, "Right, so they did you a deal?"

"Because there was a large group of us we had the beach houses and split them in two," Billie explained. Two families would be in one beach house. It really helped us out with the rooms and stuff."

Billie Faiers wedding (Credit: ITV) Billie and Greg Shepherd have two children together (Credit: ITV)

What resort did Billie Faiers get married at

The couple married on the island of Kuramathi in the Maldives. However, the resort that they and their guests stayed in has remained undisclosed.

Speaking of the wedding, the TOWIE star told OK! magazine: "Other than the days that Nelly and Arthur were born, it was the best day of my life. It was like a fairy tale – all the stress and tears were worth it."

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"It’s so lovely for me to finally be a Shepherd and share a surname with my children. Marriage ties our little family together completely," she added.

Billie Faiers wedding (Credit: ITV) Billie with mum Sue and sister Sam (Credit: ITV)

Where did Billie Faiers get her wedding dress?

The 30-year-old opted for a lace wedding dress from New York designer, Berta. The gown featured a plunging neckline and a mermaid silhouette.

Gowns from the American-based designer tend to retail around the £10,000 mark.

Speaking about her choice, per The Sun, Billie explained why her destination wedding enabled her to go for a bolder option.

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"As soon as I tried it on I had ‘the feeling’; when you know you know! Because we didn’t get married in a church I could get away with something more daring," she said.

Billie also changed into another dress later during the day for the after-party. She wore a white Zeynep Kartal playsuit with a floor-length embellished overlay, which she danced the night away in.

Billie Faiers wedding (Credit: ITV) Billie was walked down the aisle by her father Dave Chatwood (Credit: ITV)

Who sang at Billie Faiers' wedding

Billie's friend, model Fearne McCann, surprised the guests when she sang Stand By Me at the wedding reception.

Speaking about the special performance, the reality television star said: "It was such a lovely surprise, she’s got a brilliant voice."

Who gave the speeches at Billie Faiers' wedding?

Several of Billie's friends and family delivered speeches, including her sister and TOWIE co-star, Sam Faiers.

Same spoke about how the couple met, stating:

"To my beautiful sister Billie and my brother-in-law Greg, it feels like just yesterday when we were standing in the sea in Ibiza. I was the annoying little sister who asked: 'You fancy my sister, don’t you?'

"When Greg replied 'yes', I instantly told Billie and that’s when the seed was planted. I’m so happy that my big sister is marrying the man of her dreams."

The pair's five-year-old daughter, Nelly, was due to perform at the wedding, but ultimately suffered some stage fright.

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"She’d been working on a Greatest Showman routine for a couple of months and then a week or so before the big day she came into our room and said: 'Mummy, Daddy, just so you know I want to sing more than one song at the wedding. Love you, bye,'" Billie explained, according to The Mirror.

"She loves to perform but on the day I guess she just didn’t feel like it. She did a speech though!"

"I love my mummy and daddy so much, I’m so happy to be here," Nelly said in her adorable speech, per her mum. "And then at the end, she proposed a toast, saying: 'All of Mummy’s friends get your prosecco, and all Daddy’s friends get your vodka.'"


Who complained about Billie Faiers' wedding?

After the nuptials, it was alleged in the tabloids that the wedding party were slammed with noise complains from other guests at the luxury resort.

Billie responded to the claims saying: "The hotel manager hasn’t had any complaints about our party.

"I was half expecting some loudness as there are 95 of us out here celebrating [but] we have always been very respectful of the island and the other guests holidaying here."