Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds savagely trolled each other on Valentine's Day

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds savagely trolled each other on Valentine's Day

Well, our favourite celebrity couple is at it again. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are as good actors as they are experts at trolling each other over social media. The pair married in 2012, and seem to be keeping their marriage alive by slinging cheeky jests at each other on Instagram and Twitter.

Naturally, they saw the opportunity on this year's Valentine's Day too, and this time, each of them turned to Instagram to throw shade at the other. "I baked this cake for my wife," Reynolds wrote to accompany a picture of him holding a Valentine's-themed cake. And you betcha there was a catch: "The icing is glue, 'cause I’m not a scientist."

Obviously he didn't ACTUALLY try to feed his wife glue, and Lively has admitted before that he likes to tell the odd white lie on social media.

“He may as well work for the Enquirer,” she told Glamour about his Twitter and Instagram habits. Everything is a completely made-up scenario. He’ll run them by me sometimes just to make me laugh. But oh, I’m so in love with him when he writes that stuff. I mean, I’m in love with him most of the time, but especially with that.”

But based on an Instagram photo uploaded by the actress, it seems she may have snubbed her husband's homemade cake for a different baked good. She was out during the day at the Michael Kors NYFW show and uploaded a photo saturated with Valentine's Day paraphernalia, including a heart-shaped diamond, an all-red ensemble, heart shoes and a pastry with hugs and kisses iced onto it.

And that's not where it ended – oh no, things only get better from here.

Reynolds later posted another picture of him pretending he was trying to text his mother. "Ten minutes in to writing an email to my mom, when I realized there was no phone in my hand," he jested.

And how did Lively respond? In the most savage way possible, of course. She left two comments on her husband's post, starting with: "Why won't this damn app swipe right!?!?!!", before teasing: "@vancityreynolds can you show me how to download that? Ever since Ashley Madison closed I've been so lonely."

Only these two could joke about dating app woes and the infamous service designed for people seeking extramarital affairs.

ryan reynolds blake lively valentines day trolling each other instragram Credit: Instagram / @vancityreynolds

And to really stick it to her husband on Valentine's day, Lively took the time to write a romantic, heart-emoji-filled post on Instagram to... Michael Kors.

"I [love] you @michaelkors 10 years ago you invited me to be your guest at a @voguemagazine dinner in NYC," she wrote to accompany a picture of her outfit, and another of her standing with the designer himself. "You were literally the person who introduced me to the world of fashion in NYC. From that day on, I’ve been yours. Always. Forever."

Lively spent the day at the Michael Kors NYFW show, dressed in a statement red vinyl jacket from the designer and Louboutins with hearts on them. It was befitting considering the day, and Lively posted a number of photos of the outfit to Instagram, none of which mentioned her husband. But, as always, it seemed to be in good humour, considering Reynolds liked all of Lively's posts from the day.

We love you guys, but it looks like we'll never be able to love you as much as you do each other.