Blake Shelton appears to shade Miranda Lambert over reports she's been dating a married man

Blake Shelton appears to shade Miranda Lambert over reports she's been dating a married man

All break-ups are hard, and don't even try to argue. You spend a lot of time with someone, start feeling the feels, get over the fact that they lick the knife when they eat and then fall for them, hard. Then, for whatever reason, there comes a time in most relationships (sorry) where you come to realise it's not going to work and you need to part ways.

But as many people will attest to, it's not as easy as simply throwing out the trash on a Sunday night. The emotions linger, you'll feel lonelier than ever and it'll feel like you'll never be okay again. In time, we learn to forgive, forget and move on, and all is well again. Except... if you hold onto baggage, like country musician Blake Shelton clearly has.

The double-divorcee has been going out with Gwen Stefani since 2015, getting with the star after he ended things with his wife of four years, singer Miranda Lambert. While the Voice judge seems totally loved-up with Gwen and it's been three years since splitting with Miranda, it seems his blood is still boiling about their divorce.

So when the 41-year-old heard some interesting news about Miranda, he decided to take to Twitter to fire some shade in her direction. It came a day after Us Weekly reported exclusively that Miranda is now dating singer Evan Felker, shortly after ending things with Anderson East.

"Been taking the high road for a long time," the 41-year-old wrote on Twitter. "I almost gave up. But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!"

Now, let's just squeeze a bit more juice into this goss and remind ourselves that E! reported way back that when Blake and Miranda split up, it was rumoured that she had been cheating on Blake with Anderson (who she has been dating since). At the time, many people blamed the divorce on Blake, who stayed quiet and thus took "the high road".

The new intel that Miranda left Anderson for Evan is particularly scandalous given that Evan was married at the time. His wife, Staci Nelson, reportedly filed for divorce in February, with Us Weekly stating that "Staci had no other choice but to file for divorce. She was devastated." Apparently, things just "happened" between Miranda and Evan – while he was still married and while she was still dating Anderson. A two-timing two-timer? It was just too good for Blake not to take a swing at.

A source confirmed to Us that Blake's "karma" tweet was definitely aimed at Miranda. Despite its cryptic nature, fans were quick to understand what it was about too, replying to Blake's tweet with their support and throwing their own bits of shade.

However, others said the country singer was acting "resentful and revengeful", wondering why he would still bring it up three years later.

Following the "karma" tweet, he later retweeted a GIF that a fan uploaded to describe the situation and, well, it couldn't be depicted better.

Another fan quoted Gwen Stefani's latest album title in response to Blake's original tweet, writing: "this is what the #TRUTH feels like!!!", which he retweeted too.

The burn is fierce with this one.