Brad Pitt is 'infatuated' with his new girlfriend who is 'the sexiest thing he's ever laid eyes on'

Brad Pitt is 'infatuated' with his new girlfriend who is 'the sexiest thing he's ever laid eyes on'

Hot goss alert: Brad Pitt has a new lady in his life. No, it's not another A-lister that he's working on a film with, and it's definitely not Ella Purnell, the 21-year-old he was rumoured to be dating following his split with Angelina Jolie (who awkwardly enough played a younger version of Angelina's character in Maleficent).

The 54-year-old double-divorcee is said to be dating an accomplished professor and designer, who he happened to meet while looking for some new furniture.

Possibly whilst in the pursuit of completing the final touches on the bachelor pad he moved into after splitting with Angelina in 2014, Brad reportedly met his new love interest when inquiring about a designer piece of furniture. As it turns out, she designed the exclusive 3D-printed item he set his eyes on, only for his gaze to be diverted to her. Upon their meeting, the New York Post reports that they "instantly hit it off".

So who is this mystery designer? Her name is Neri Oxman, and she seems to be quite the package. Beauty and brains, Neri is an accomplished designer, a TED Talk speaker, the winner of several industry awards and also a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The 42-year-old teaches in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning Media Lab, and she's described by her students as the "rock star" professor.

Brad has said before that he enjoys working with his hands by sculpting in his spare time and has described architecture as his "passion". "Brad and Neri instantly hit it off because they share the same passion for architecture, design, and art," a source told New York Post's gossip column. "Brad is very interested in spending more time with Neri; she is fascinating."

Watch her TED talk called Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology and you'll see why.

While the romance remains unconfirmed and some say they're just friends, Us Weekly reported that Pitt has been spotted leaving Neri's apartment on several occasions and that he even joined her on a work trip to South Africa recently. The publication reported they are "very infatuated with each other" and that they "talk on the phone several times a day."

While those remain rumours, the Ocean's Eleven actor has been spotted at MIT posing with students of a class run by the Israeli-born professor. The post is from November last year (it's said they met in the autumn of 2017) and you can spot the pair standing next to each other.

"Design is her speciality, so it’s not hard to see why Brad would be attracted to her," an insider told Us Weekly. "Neri is a very passionate, extremely smart and talented woman. She is very extroverted, outgoing, vivacious and loving." Neri is also a semi-recent divorcee, a few years ago ending her marriage to Osvaldo Golijov, a Grammy award-winning Argentine composer.

Since his messy split with Angelina, Brad has stayed sober and ditched alcohol in order for him to "evolve". It seems that he's now ready to pursue love again.

"He is mesmerized by her intellect, her cool philosophy on life and their shared love of arts and design," a source told The Sun. "He is also saying she’s the sexiest woman he’s ever laid eyes on."

Some people are diagnosing Brad with the 'Amal effect', suggesting there is a new interest for men in women who are accomplished and passionate about their careers – much like George Clooney falling for international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie is still single-handedly making the world a better place, having just landed the number one spot (again) for the most admired woman in the world while simultaneously looking after her and Brad's six children and taking on more and more responsibility with the UN.

Nevertheless, we wish Brad all the best on his (maybe) new love interest. She sounds like quite the catch.