Bride asks her guests to dress based on their weight, but then gets instant karma

Bride asks her guests to dress based on their weight, but then gets instant karma

There are few things as daunting as receiving a wedding invite that lists several specific demands. From the dress code to the gift requests, to the regimental day plans that make little room for spontaneity and enjoyment, weddings can be an overrated experience.

In modern times, the traditional wedding values have long gone. Thanks to social media, invites now come in the form of a Facebook notification, and photos of the special day are all shared instantly with hundreds of people who neither the bride nor the groom has ever met.

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As a result of this instant sharing, strict dress codes have become commonplace. Depending on the theme, the dress code can be anything from smart to casual, cowboy-themed to swimwear. The purpose for these dress codes is to help make the event look it's best on social media, for we now live in a world where the visual appearance is far more valuable than the actual entertainment. In some cases, the guests are mere props and extras invited to fulfill the married couple's wild wedding day fantasies.

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One such day has recently gone viral on Reddit, after the outrageous demands made by the bride-to-be were shared for the whole world to see.

The bride, who remains anonymous, had declared a dramatic dress code which categorized the guests based upon their weight. Not only that, but she expected her (by now, humiliated) guests to fork out $1,000 each on their outfits, which consisted of clothing so horrific that not even a thrift store would accept it.

Clearly disgruntled by the outlandish request, and disgusted by the bride's insensitivity, one guest took to Reddit to share the shocking demands.

To illustrate, this is what the outfits will look for those who choose to participate...

Credit: Reddit

Credit: Reddit

Quickly, the post stirred up a storm on Reddit with thousands of users outraged by the bride's behavior. Not only were they disgusted by the demands, but also by the chosen outfits. Many were perplexed as to how such an outfit could look visually appealing in the couple's wedding photos.

However, just when everyone thought the story couldn't get any more outrageous, it did.

With the story having gone viral, it was inevitable that the bride would eventually get wind of it. Sure enough, a few weeks later her guests received an explosive message in their inbox.

Yes, you read that right, in order to find the person who snitched on her special day's arrangements, the bride-to-be plans to hold a polygraph test to rat out her 'friends'.

After such an outburst it's hard to imagine any guests even turning up on the big day - let alone splashing out over $1,000 on designer clothes and a trip to Hawaii.

Isn't the whole basis of a wedding the coming together of friends and family to celebrate your life achievement? Surely there is no need for frivolity in such an extreme way.

Now, many people have obviously jumped to speculate that all of this is a farce and was made up for the purpose of going viral. But, although we'll never know the truth (unless one brave guest wants to get in contact with us - no polygraphs needed), I think we all know at least one bridezilla we can see going this far.