Bride paintballs wedding dress after discovering fiancé was sleeping with bridesmaid

Bride paintballs wedding dress after discovering fiancé was sleeping with bridesmaid

Of all the cheating stories out there, this one is pretty epic. Not so much for what the good-for-nothing cheating scoundrel did, but for the amazing reaction the bride-to-be had. As much as it sucks to find out you've been cheated on, at least you've woken up to the kind of person your partner really is, and that means you can go forward as your own awesome self and be rid of that relationship. And that's exactly what happened here.

A bridesmaid took to Twitter to share a thread detailing what happened when her friend (who was the bride) found out that her fiancé was cheating with her bridesmaid the day before the wedding. Yikes, how's that for timing? She documents what happened when her friend found out, as well as what happened in the next 24 hours, and boy is it a ride.

She starts off by saying how her friend "caught her fiancé in bed with one of her bridesmaids".

But that didn't stop them from throwing the party, because why should it?

The bride was understandably angry, but at least she had two (loyal) bridesmaids to plot her revenge with.

She checked back in later, to update followers that they were having a raucous time throwing paintballs at the dress (!!!) and that they got rid of all the vile fiancé's stuff.

And THEN... there was a new twist.

Apparently, the groom and the rogue bridesmaid had skipped on over to Vegas to go through with their own nuptials.

Everyone back at the paintball party was completely shocked at the revelations. It seemed the groom really wanted that day to be his wedding day and the bridesmaid-turned-bride was malicious enough to livestream it, leaving the friend hysterical.

But it gets worse. The renegade bridesmaid then started bragging about her honeymoon with the guy.

Ha! Take that.

Looks like they weren't going anywhere.

It all sounds extremely melodramatic. But as the tweeting bridesmaid pointed out, at least her friend didn't have to go through it all alone. 

In the end, he got his passport back (withholding something as important as that is a pretty horrible thing for anyone to do), but they did donate the mattress she shared with her douche of a fiancé to a local shelter. It's a pretty insane story, but hey – as she said, at least she dodged what turned out to be way more than just a bullet.