Cardi B has the perfect advice for Khloe Kardashian for dealing with Tristan Thompson cheating

Cardi B has the perfect advice for Khloe Kardashian for dealing with Tristan Thompson cheating

Last week Khloé Kardashian gave birth to their first child, a healthy baby girl named True Thompson. Her family flew to Cleveland to be in the delivery room, where they were joined by the father, NBA star Tristan Thompson. Today Khloé revealed the baby's name - True Thompson - and updated her followerson Twitter. "Our little girl, True Thompson, has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with LOVE," wrote Khloé. "Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy loooooove you True!"

However, for many fans, this happy occasion was somewhat soured by the news about Tristan Thompson's infidelity. Days before the birth, a video leaked of Tristan kissing a young woman in a nightclub. Then photos emerged of him taking that same young woman to his hotel in New York City. (The woman has been identified Lani Blair, an Instagram personality, and bartender at a strip club.) To make matters worse, TMZ released footage of Tristan getting intimate with two women at a hookah lounge in Washington, D.C. The video was recorded in October, when Khloé was three months pregnant. Outraged fans have flooded Tristan Thompson's Instagram page with snake emojis, and even booed him at a recent basketball game.

Should Khloé forgive Tristan, and welcome him back with open arms? Or should she say "boy bye" and turn all of his possessions into a glorious bonfire? A lot of people have expressed opinions. During an interview with radio host Big Boy, 25-year-old rap sensation Cardi B offered the perfect advice. She said Khloé should "do what your heart feel like doing, just do what your heart feels like is right."
The Bodak Yellow rapper has experience with a cheating partner. Last year, her boyfriend Offset from the hip-hop group Migos was caught fooling around with other men. However, Cardi never left him because of his transgressions. Now she's pregnant with his baby, and they're engaged to be married. "Everybody wanna act like they deacons and pastors and they relationships is perfect," the MC told Big Boy. "And that's B.S. You don’t know what type of things are happening in their relationship."

For some people, cheating is considered an unforgivable sin. But some couples, like Jay-Z and Beyonce, have been able to work through this problem, thanks to honest communication in therapy. In any event, it's a personal decision. Even the most tabloid-addicted fans don't have a complete timeline for the drama, or all the accurate information. As colorfully put it, "You don’t know how old certain receipts are. People like to make things seem like 'This happened two weeks ago!' Let them work things out."

Last week a close source to the Kardashians told People that Khloé wants to repair their relationship." "She’s a hopeless romantic and she’ll try to make this work," said the insider. "She tried forever to make it work with Lamar [Odom]. She’s having a child with Tristan, and she’s going to try to rebuild this." Considering Khloé included "Daddy" in this morning's tweet, it looks she's taking Cardi's advice. (And really, shouldn't we all? She went from a stripper to the hottest rapper in the game. She's got to be doing something right!)