Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck caught having a 'Friends' reunion in New York

Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck caught having a 'Friends' reunion in New York

The hit 90s/2000s show Friends might be one primarily about, well, friendship but, there's no denying a huge part of the series centers around the six main character's love lives, heartbreak, and the way in which they navigate their romantic relationships.

The relationship which had become the focus of a great deal of attention throughout the show's ten-year run is that between Ross and Rachel, or "Roschel" as they are affectionately referred to.

This pairing, in particular, is one of the main plotlines of the entire show, often being re-explored even after the characters have called it quits. Ultimately, the pair's relationship ends up being the show's ultimate climax, as they have a daughter and reunite once more in the very last episode.

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However, their relationship certainly isn't the only captivating one in Friends. Let's not forget Monica and Chandler also start a family together by the end of the series.

"Mondler's" relationship also seems a lot more stable than that of Ross and Rachel, having planned to have kids and stayed completely faithful to each other ("We were on a break!!" anyone?)

But before Chandler, Monica certainly didn't always have total success in her relationships. Remember Richard Burke? He was the handsome ophthalmologist who Monica started dating in the show's second season. As you might recall, however, the most bizarre thing about their relationship was not only that Richard was a whopping 21 years older than Monica, but that he was a friend of her father, and they first met when Monica was just a child.

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Years later, the pair meet again at Richard's optometrist party where Monica and Phoebe are catering. The couple soon hit it off and enter into what ends up being a long-term relationship. Monica decides to keep their relationship a secret from her parents as she worries about how they would react to it. Eventually, however, they do learn the truth and ultimately accept the relationship after the initial shock.

Anyway, you might wonder whether the actors kept in touch at all (I do anyway). But what I do know is they had a totally unplanned reunion after bumping into each other at a bar in New York last month.

This reunion between 54-year-old Courteney Cox and the 73-year-old Tom Selleck was caught on camera by Claudia Oshry who tweeted: "Spotted in NY: Dr. Richard Burke and Monica Geller saying hi to one another. Shook. What will Chandler say?"

Watch the unexpected reunion between the former co-stars:

In the clip, Courteney can be seen sitting at the bar as Tom approaches her to greet her. They then share a very warm embrace. The former co-stars look pretty happy to see each and Courteney can even be seen putting her hand on the Magnum P.I. actor.

Fans of the show, or just the pair in general, were hugely excited to see the famous sitcom actors hugging.

'Could I BE any more excited?' one fan wrote in reference to Friends character Chandler's unique way of stressing certain words.

Another shared: "Now that was a great surprise; I really always loved both of them; Wow Tom is still handsome and very tall!'

"Totally ready for a reunion show now. Best thing ever you caught on vid. Loved Richard and Monica," wrote a third.

Funnily enough, one fan expressed an argument stating that Monica should have ended up with Richard rather than Chandler.

"I'll probably get ugly replies," the very bold Twitter user started. "However, I wish Monica & Richard would [have] gotten married instead. Richard was more mature for her as a man. Monica [started] acting immature when she was with Chandler.

What do you think? Should Monica and Richard have stayed together and (hopefully) started a family, embarking on a long, happy life together?