Emily Ratajkowski reveals her $800 nighttime beauty routine

Emily Ratajkowski reveals her $800 nighttime beauty routine

Bonafide goddess - and activist to boot - Emily Ratajkowski, never fails to dazzle. Whether she's posing provocatively on Instagram, or you know, baring it all, the comments section will inevitably be full of frenzied reactions.

Now, in conversation with Coveteur, the model and actress has revealed her intense, and crazy expensive, nighttime beauty routine. And it will have even the most dedicated skincare vloggers questioning whether they're committed enough.

"No matter how crazy my day is, I always take the time to take care of my skin," she explained to the publication when speaking about how she keeps her skin looking so flawless, despite her busy schedule. "I take my makeup off, do a little exfoliating, and depending on what’s going on, I’ll use different products."

And currently, her top shelf is on the pricier side. Right now she's using a "a tea tree exfoliating face wash, and I’m also using a Kiehl’s exfoliating cleanser ($28) that’s actually for men, it’s really nice. For everyday, my go-to is just the simple Kiehl’s cleanser ($20) if my skin’s looking OK and I don’t want to screw with it too much."

"I use a retinol,” she added. “I really love Joanna Vargas’ Super Nova Serum ($295), that product in particular is amazing. Lastly, I put on Barbara Strum’s cream rich ($230) so they all sort of seal together, and in the morning my skin is good. If my skin’s really dry, I use Sisley Black Rose Oil ($235). I also love [products from] By Terry."

The 27-year-old, who tied the knot with actor, Sebastian Bear-McClard, last year, also dished on her self care routine, and how she likes to unwind;

"I would say I’m more fast and rapid, but I feel like my husband sees me in my slower moments. Then I’m with friends and excited. I sort of function on a frequency of going really, really fast and then crashing. [Then I have] a day of nothing that’s slow. Usually, it's a Sunday. I wake up late, I order food. It’s a self-care day. Face masks. Not a lot of internet."

And she's certainly a fan of a slow day. "I give myself a pass sometimes. I’ll tell myself today is going to be a non-thing," she continued. "I’ll answer a couple of emails, but in general I’m going to take care of myself and rest. I don’t meditate; I really wish I could. The only healthy habits I’ve developed recently that are close to that are not sleeping next to my phone—that makes a huge difference. In New York I sleep in a lofted bed, so I just leave it downstairs, and I have an alarm clock next to the bed, so it’s fine. In L.A. I’ll put it in another room to charge. It’s really not OK to wake up and go to sleep to that."

Now, that's a routine that we can get behind.