Fans are calling for Gordon Ramsay to play angry Chef Louis in live-action 'Little Mermaid'

Fans are calling for Gordon Ramsay to play angry Chef Louis in live-action 'Little Mermaid'

Oh, Gordon Ramsay. The television star the public loves to hate. As one of the world's most-famous chef personalities, Gordie (as I've just decided to start calling him) is known for his expletive comments and harsh criticism on Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef. And fans have finally found an appropriate place for all his chaotic evil energy.

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With last week's confirmation that Halle Bailey will play Ariel in the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, fans have started speculating who will be assigned the next role in the Disney classic. Though online rumors hypothesize Melissa McCarthy might play Ursula, while Idris Elba and Terry Crews go head-to-head in suggestions for King Triton, the role of Angry Chef Louis has been unassigned until now.

Haven't heard of Louis? That's because he is uncredited in the 1989 original as Prince Eric's personal cook. But the tense chef has his own scene. He is there in the kitchen, waiting, watching, yelling. In The Little Mermaid, he can be seen enjoying his meal-prep before the lobster Sebastian escapes, and then he suddenly becomes hot-headed. This is where Gordie comes in.

Watch Chef Louis in action below:

Imagine how good Gordon Ramsay would look singing and dancing while macerating fish with a cleaver. His temper would escalate so well on-screen while chasing down Sebastian, throwing knives willy nilly with an evil smile.

While Ramsay lacks the French accent Louis has, he knows his way around a kitchen, and his fury would make him fit right in. Though fans are unsure what the audition process looks like for this film, they are absolutely positive Gordon Ramsay is the man for the part. They even took to Twitter to tell him so:

While Gordon Ramsay hasn't responded to his most-recent calling, I will not rest until I see him red in the face with a thin, curling mustache. Hide the knives, folks. Angry chef Gordie is coming.

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