‘Germany’s most beautiful policewoman’ told to quit work or modelling

‘Germany’s most beautiful policewoman’ told to quit work or modelling

A German police officer who has been dubbed "the most beautiful in Germany" has been given an ultimatum by her employers: to choose between being an Instagram model, or a member of the force.

Adrienne Koleszár, who is a police officer from Dresden, Saxony, was named "Germany's hottest policeman" two years ago. She has since gone onto become an Instagram model and influencer - having racked up 557,000 followers - who diligently praise her toned physique.

The 34-year-old was granted six months of unpaid leave from her force, and is due to return to service as a policewoman on January 1st, 2019. Over the last few months she has kept her followers enthralled with photographs of herself from all over the world, as she used the time to travel and purse her side gig as a social media influencer.

"I will not receive any compensation from the Free State of Saxony, live on my savings and on my social media activities," Adrienne told her followers in a video uploaded in July.

Now, following a meeting with her superiors this week, she has allegedly been told that she must return to work full time in January, or retire from her policing duties.

Speaking to the publication, Bild, Adrienne asserted that she would like to do both, but she acknowledges that you cannot get everything you wish for in life.

Adrienne has until Monday to decide whether she wants to pursue a career as a police officer or as a fitness model on social media.

The state of Saxony is in need of police officers, and are currently looking to fill 1,000 positions within the force, German media reports.

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Good luck to you, Adrienne!