Girlfriend and boyfriend post the same Coachella pic and their different captions say it all

Girlfriend and boyfriend post the same Coachella pic and their different captions say it all

With the A-list line-up, everyone's unofficial boho-chic uniform and all the photogenic food at the palm-tree-lined Californian music festival that is Coachella – if you go, of course you Instagram it. Round two is about to start again with the second weekend of the 2018 festival beginning on Friday, and if the snaps of the attendees from last week are anything to go by, they're in for a treat.

One couple who went along to see the likes of Beyoncé, The Weeknd and Cardi B decided to go in order to celebrate their anniversary together. Taylor Smith took to Twitter to share some snaps from the weekend – not to candidly show off her festival fashion and humble-brag about being there – but to compare something pretty hilarious between her own Instagram post from Coachella with her boyfriend Troy's post.

The two shared the same picture of Taylor sitting on his shoulders, one posing in front of the iconic Ferris wheel, and another behind a crowd of festival-goers. However, the two near-identical pictures each had very different captions.

Taylor posted the two Instagram posts side-by-side in a Tweet that read "My caption vs my boyfriend’s caption" with an upside-down smiley face.

Taylor's wrote adorably in her caption: "What better place to celebrate our anniversary? Here's to a year of happiness, growth, and lots of laughs with my best friend."

couple coachella picture different caption hilarious Credit: Instagram / tsmittyy

Awww, stop it you guys. Troy's, on the other hand, was this: "I saw James Charles' buttcheeks this weekend."

couple coachella picture different caption hilarious Credit: Instagram / troydelaney

Errr, righto.

Rather than writing about his own affections towards his girlfriend for their anniversary, he chose to point out that he saw the backside of internet personality James Charles (whose butt is undeniably flawless, to be fair). The makeup guru also attended the festival, strutting among the crowds with his signature style.

It seems James appreciated the shout-out, retweeting Taylor's post and saying "your boyfriend’s wins", in reference to the two captions.

However, not everyone else agreed.

And others could totally relate to Troy's enthusiasm for James Charles.

Some thought the comparison was a rather poignant indication of how differently girlfriends and a boyfriends post on social media.

Still, it seems Taylor still was feeling a little under-appreciated by the whole ordeal, later posting a new tweet which read: "My last insta post went viral and I’m mad because people just keep commenting about how I’m a meme and not about how cute I am".

Thankfully, Troy did post a wonderfully heartfelt message for his girlfriend too. "A year sure goes by fast when you're having fun. Thanks for a great year Tay," he wrote.

Well, no matter what, they seem like total #couplegoals anyway. And I must say, celebrating an anniversary at Coachella AND catching a glimpse of James Charles – it doesn't get much better than that!