Gwen Stefani just revealed something super creepy about Blake Shelton's ex-girlfriend

Gwen Stefani just revealed something super creepy about Blake Shelton's ex-girlfriend

From No Doubt to her solo career, Gwen Stefani's music feels like it went through plenty of different phases over the years, but it's still shocking to learn that the singer is 48 years old. Somehow she got to that age without looking it one bit, but she has entered into a new era - one in which she'll be starting up a concert residency at the Zappos Theater at the Planet Hollywood resort and casino in Las Vegas.

Titled 'Just a Girl,' it was announced on April 10 this year through her website. Between June 27 this year and March 16 2019 she is set to perform 25 shows. She recently appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which she talked to the talk show host about these upcoming performances and various other subjects.

"It's the next level for me because it’s going to be very theatrical," she said of her future shows, "and it's just very fun to get very girly and take it to another place that I've never got to go before." The pop star also said that despite her frequent attempts, her parents do not enjoy Vegas one bit. "I can remember going one time with my parents, and they are so conservative and not about the Vegas experience," Stefani said.

Kimmel also brought a little fun into her appearance on the show, getting Stefani and one of her biggest fans to compete in a game of 'Who Knows Gwen Stefani?'. A woman named Gaiane, who claims to have been to 100 Stefani and No Doubt shows since the age of 15, was quizzed alongside her idol on the most minor details of Stefani's life.

The winner would take home a personal belonging from their opponent. For Stefani, that was a jacket and bag from her sunglasses, while Gaiane was offering up her No Doubt vanity plate. Stefani took two of the first three questions, but Gaiane eventually mounted a comeback, nailing three question in a row and winning the game.

In addition to this, Stefani offered some revealing information about one of partner Blake Shelton's ex-girlfriends - and it's pretty damn weird when you get down to it. She explained:

"He [Shelton] did tell me he dated a girl for like, three months, who had my face plastered all over her whole bedroom. So, that's kinda weird, isn't it?!"

"That's really weird,” Kimmel obviously replied, before giving her a strange idea for a prank. "You know what you oughta do? I hope Blake isn’t watching so you can surprise him. Find out what she looks like and plaster her face all over your room," he suggested. She laughed and said: "Oh, my God. That's so gross!"

The one factor this makes me think about is how this anonymous woman felt when she discovered Shelton's relationship with Stefani. Imagine not only seeing your ex with another man (never a great feeling), but the new partner turns out to be one of your idols?