Halsey reveals the reason why she is planning to freeze her eggs

Halsey reveals the reason why she is planning to freeze her eggs

At just 23-years-old, Halsey has reached an astounding level of success that most people can only dream of. The singer-songwriter has enjoyed a number of chart hits, has a huge fan following, and has also utilized her platform to discuss important issues such as mental health and sexual assault.

Basically, she seems to have her sh*t together.

However, as well as making it big time, Halsey has also had to deal with her fair share of difficult experiences over the years. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder; and earlier this year she revealed that she had previously been a victim of sexual abuse. Most prominently, though, the Strangers singer has been recognized for her struggle with endometriosis: a painful condition that affects millions of women worldwide.

As well as causing extreme discomfort during a person's periods and chronic pain at other times of the month, endometriosis can lead to fertility problems - and that's one of the reasons why Halsey is freezing her eggs.

"I’m 23 years old, and I’m going to freeze my eggs. And when I tell people that, they’re like, ‘You’re 23, why do you need to do that? Why do you need to freeze your eggs?’" she said;

"Doing an ovarian reserve is important to me because I’m fortunate enough to have that as an option, but I need to be aggressive about protecting my fertility, about protecting myself."

And for those who think Halsey is overreacting, she really isn't. Three years ago, while she was on tour, the young musician experienced a traumatic incident that really hit home for her the seriousness of her condition.

"I was on tour, and I found out I was pregnant," she explained. "And before I could really figure out what that meant to me and what that meant for my future, for my career, for my life, for my relationship, the next thing I knew I was on stage miscarrying in the middle of my concert."

Understandably, the moment had a huge impact on her;

"And the sensation of looking a couple hundred teenagers in the face while you’re bleeding through your clothes and still having to do the show, and realizing in that moment that I never want to make that choice ever again of doing what I love or not being able to because of this disease."

What's more, up until that point, Halsey had always seen the condition as something she simply had to put up with;

"The thing with endometriosis is that it comes down to that doctors can tend to minimize the female experience when it comes to dealing with it.

"My whole life, my mother had always told me, ‘Women in our family just have really bad periods.’ It was just something she thought she was cursed to deal with and I was cursed to deal with, and that was just a part of my life."

Though the miscarriage was obviously upsetting for Halsey, she makes sure to speak up about her experience and her illness - not only to explain her actions (though, really, she shouldn't have to), but also to show other people with the condition that they are not alone;

"Reproductive illness is so frustrating because it can really make you feel like less of a woman. There’s a lot of times when you’re sitting at home and you just feel so terrible about yourself. You’re sick, you don’t feel sexy, you don’t feel proud, you don’t feel like there’s much hope. And so taking these measures, so that hopefully I can have a bright future and achieve the things that I want to achieve by doing the ovarian reserve is really important."

Of course, it's terrible that Halsey had to go through this, but it's good to know that she now has measures in place to ensure that she can still have children in the future if she wants.