Here are all the great ways you can enjoy Baileys this Christmas

Here are all the great ways you can enjoy Baileys this Christmas

If you're anything like me, Christmas is more about the food and drink than the gifts. Past the age of 12, it's hard to get excited over presents you already know you're going to receive, or the annual Secret Santa that your office insists on holding. I mean, who really needs another bath set?

A Christmas roast on the other hand? Non-negotiable. Add in a box of Quality Street, leftover turkey sandwiches, and your tipple of choice and, well, you’re in heaven.

One thing that makes this joyous occasion even more pleasurable, however, is some Baileys. The Irish cream has become synonymous with the festive season, and it's hard to imagine sitting down with the family to celebrate Christmas without a glass of the good stuff in hand.

Luckily for us, Baileys has expanded its offering just in time for December. This year, you can enjoy Baileys - and some other tasty spinoffs - at not one, but two London locations.

Yes, it appears that Christmas has come early, folks.

I think we can all agree that London is one of the best places in the world to spend Christmas. You have the wonderful light displays, the atmosphere, and now, a Baileys hot chocolate with friends whenever you fancy.

Baileys have partnered up with Somerset House's Skate Lounge with Baileys so you can enjoy a glass of Baileys after wearing yourself out on the ice.

With a front row view of the ice rink, the Skate Lounge with Baileys offers a range of festive drinks, seasonal snacks and winter warmers.

And on Club Nights, skaters can share a bottle of Baileys with friends and listen to live DJ sets while keeping toasty and warm inside.

If skating is not your thing, however, the Baileys Treat Bar has returned to the capital with its Alpine-themed bar.

Inside, you'll be able to sample and create your own Baileys drink, which can be customised with a range of delicious toppings which will allow you to get creative and indulgent to your heart's content.

Vegans won't be missing out either as there are plenty of dairy-free options to choose from.

Bottoms up!