Here are the ridiculous questions Meghan Markle will have to answer in her British citizenship test

Here are the ridiculous questions Meghan Markle will have to answer in her British citizenship test

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement was announced, Britain welcomed the American actress with open arms, with thousands waiting outside in the cold for hours for a chance to greet the soon-to-be member of the Royal Family. However, you have to do a lot more than make the general public adore you to become a Brit. In fact, gaining citizenship is one of the most time-consuming things you can do, with endless hoops to jump through on the agenda for anyone who wishes to get their hands on a passport.

So what exactly does Meghan, who Kensington Palace has claimed will be compliant with immigration requirements at all times, have to do? To become a British citizen, firstly she will have to apply for a family visa in order to remain in the country (which she most likely would have already done by now). She will also have to prove that her relationship with her fiancée is real by submitting a range of evidence which might include records of conversations, flight tickets and holiday photos. Coming in on family visa, individuals must marry their spouse within six months and then wait five years before permanent residency is granted; only then can they apply for citizenship, provided they have spent no more than 270 days outside the UK in the past three years.

It sounds like a lot to think about - especially when you're busy with Royal duties. But that's not all the Suits star will have to get her head around. The final hurdle for Meghan will be the British Citizenship test, a 24-question timed assessment which supposedly prepares applicants for life in the UK. However, heavily criticised for being a "bad pub quiz", the 45-minute test is said to not prepare new citizens for daily life, instead asking them "trivial" questions about invasions that occurred hundreds of years ago and birthplaces of British poets. So, what ridiculous questions will Meghan soon be quizzed on? Let's find out. Look out for the answers at the bottom of the page.

While some questions on the test are a little tricky, here's an easy one to start you off. Being a well-known activist, let's hope Meghan gets it right

1. Walking and using public transport to get around when you can is a good way to protect the environment because it creates less pollution than using a car.

a) Yes, this is correct

b) No, because public transport such as a bus is using more fuel than a car


In order to become accustomed to British life, it seems you need a solid knowledge of battles that took place hundreds of years ago

2. King Richard III of the House of York was killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field in:

a) 1485

b) 1490

c) 1495

d) 1498


It's also mandatory that you're a fan of cricket

3. Which is not a cricket term?

a) Maiden over

b) Sticky wicket

c) Virgin bat

d) Bowled a googly


One thing that's more important than most? Knowing the name of your new country

4. What is the official name of the country?

a) England

b) Great Britain

c) Great Britain and Northern Ireland

d) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

e) The United Kingdom


If you get this wrong, you definitely shouldn't be allowed in the country

5. True or false: In the UK you must treat everyone equally, regardless of sex, race, age, religion, disability, class or sexual orientation.



Here's hoping Meghan can tell her new grandfather-in-law apart from her new brother-in-law, or things could get awkward at family events...

6. Who is the Queen of England married to?

a) Prince Harry

b) Prince Phillip

c) Prince Charles

d) Prince William


Come to think of it, there are numerous questions about Meghan's new family on the test

7. True or false: the King or Queen is head of the Church of England.

When it comes to the UK, you have to know your food...

8. Haggis is a traditional food of which country?

a) Northern Ireland

b) Wales

c) England

d) Scotland


... and 19th century admirals, apparently

9. What is the name of the admiral who died in a sea battle in 1805 and has a monument in Trafalgar Square, London?

a) Raleigh

b) Nelson

c) Drake

d) Cook


Brushing up on poetry certainly doesn't hurt either

10. Who wrote the poem "She Walks in Beauty"?

a) Sir John Betjeman

b) Sir Walter de la Mare

c) Elizabeth Browning

d) Lord Byron

Telephone box Credit: Pixabay

Can anyone pronounce these? Let alone know if they were a part of Hadrian's Wall

11. Which of these forts were part of Hadrian’s Wall?(Choose any 2 answers)

a) Housesteads

b) Skara Brae

c) Sutton Hoo

d) Vindolanda


Trick question? I think so

12. How long did the Hundred Years War actually last?

a) 99 years

b) 116 years

c) 200 years

d) 75 years


Although all of the authors are technically British, I'm sure you can easily guess which one is considered less important. 

13. Who’s not an important figure in British literature?

a) Shakespeare

b) Jane Austen

c) Charles Dickens

d) J. K. Rowling

e) E. L. James


It's got all the important questions

14. Why do Britons eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?

a) To begin the new season of “The Great British Bake Off”

b) To honour Ireland

c) To use up all the eggs, milk and fat in the home before fasting for Lent

d) To prepare for marathons


Number one qualification for becoming a Brit: acknowledging how smart we all are

15. Which of these is credited to a Brit?

a) Cloning Dolly the sheep

b) Inventing the A.T.M.

c) Inventing the World Wide Web

d) All of them

London Credit: Dominika Gregušová

Answers: 1. A 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. True 6. B 7. True 8. D 9. B 10. D 11. A and D 12. B 13. E 14. C 15. D

So, how many did you get right? It's good to know that even if you're marrying the Queen's grandson, you're still subject to all of the ridiculous questions that everyone else has to answer! We wish Meghan the best of luck in becoming a fully-fledged Briton. Think you have what it takes to become a British citizen? Try the test yourself here.