Here's what Rebecca Black looks like now, seven years on from 'Friday'

Here's what Rebecca Black looks like now, seven years on from 'Friday'

If you were alive in 2011, you will no doubt remember "Friday" by Rebecca Black. Depending on which way your musical preferences sway, you might have fond memories of black and her auto-tuned but still out-of-tune voice. For some people - including myself - the song was a certified banger.

I mean, with lyrics such as: "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, Today it is Friday, Friday (Partyin'). We-we-we so excited, we so excited, we gonna have a ball today. "Tomorrow is Saturday And Sunday comes after... wards," how can you not reflect on Black's viral hit with a smile?

But, for the girl behind the incredible piece of art, the reality of the situation was much different. Friday put Black in the spotlight and, as such, she became the target for trolls online. Speaking to Hollywood Life about that time in her life, Black said:

"It’s like the embarrassing middle school photos phase! You’re trying to figure out who you are and what the world is, and if there’s something more than just your school friends."

However, for Black, there was much more than her and her school friends. Friday broadcast the teenager to the world, something which she found difficult to deal with.

"I don’t think if there’s anyone who can teach you how to handle something like “Friday.” Suddenly, my circle wasn’t just [my town], it was a whole world of people who had an opinion of who I was.

"When you’re so young, you don’t even have that opinion about yourself yet! When someone’s sending you a hate comment, you start to lose it [before you even have that opinion]. That’s where it gets confusing and scary."

Rebecca Black Friday Credit: Youtube/Rebecca Black

Such was the publicity and the scale of the bullying, Rebecca was forced to leave school before returning.

"I went back to public high school for junior year, and at that point, I was not only the new girl, but I was the Friday Girl as well.

"There had been enough time for rumors to spread and it felt like everywhere I went, there were people who had their idea of who Rebecca Black was and there was no fresh start. That was hard going into.

"I kept to myself and hung with my little friend group and that was that."

Black has now graduated high school and looks completely unrecognisable from the 13-year-old girl that we all knew and loved/hated. Now a fully-fledged singer, Black has released an EP and still has a strong following across her social media channels. Last week, the star attended her fifth Coachella in a row and looked like she was having the time of her life.

Despite the turmoils that she had to overcome from a young age, Black claims to be on the path to a much happier life, with the singer saying:

"I’m on my way to living a happier life and wearing and saying what I want without feeling guilty about it.

"Whatever happens to you, happens, but you can come out of it and find yourself and do it!

"F*ck anyone who tells you can’t."

Fair play to Black for battling through what must have a horrible experience for someone so young to endure. She looks like she is living the life right now, so good luck to her!