Hilary Duff gifted sex toy by her fiancé as an apology for argument

Hilary Duff gifted sex toy by her fiancé as an apology for argument

Hilary Duff and her fiancé Matthew Koma seem all loved up together - but just because they upload cutesy relationship photos to the 'Gram, it doesn't mean everything is always perfect.

Matthew made this clear when he posted to social media about the quarrel he had got in with his actress girlfriend - but it wasn't the details of the argument that people were interested in, it was his rather unusual apology present.

To say sorry, the American singer gifted the mother of his child with a sex toy, namely a dildo.

Posting to Instagram, Matthew uploaded a picture of the dildo in a box with the words "Sorry I was a..." above it.

Adding a hilarious caption, he wrote: "Sometimes it’s pizza night and you start an unnecessary argument and owe your significant other an apology."

We'd say his apology, while unconventional, worked pretty well though. Hilary replied on Insta, jokingly writing: "I can’t believe you shared this sweet moment honey".

The picture, which hit social media yesterday, has received over 16,000 likes to date and hundreds of comments from people online.

"Is this apology large enough though ? ?" wondered @philalbater, while @leelee_mybabies doled out some advice, writing: "?? @hilaryduff smack him with it ????".
Instagrammer @toriincharge found the whole thing pretty hysterical, adding: "Lmao!!! This is great! She couldn’t be mad at you after that gesture ???".

It's not the first unexpected present Matthew has gotten for his Lizzie McGuire girlfriend. In fact, he made Hilary a pretty special one to propose back in May.

Speaking on The Talk, Hilary said: "I came home from work on a random Tuesday. And he's like, 'Let's go for walk, let's go check out this park.' And we were living in Williamsburg [Brooklyn], and I was like 'I'm so tired. I just want to eat dinner in bed and watch Game of Thrones' ..."

She added: "So, we go, we find this gorgeous park, and he presents me with this book that he said he's been working on for a while. And he's like, it's our story ... we're going to forget things along the way, so we need to constantly fill this out, so our kids can know our story."

''And when I got to the end there was like a little part I peeled open and it was my ring was inside. It was so sweet.. He got down on one knee and he's like, 'I forgot everything I'm supposed to say, you're my best friend.'''

Awww - those two really are the perfect couple!

This article first appeared on VT.co and was shared with permission.