Hollywood star Anne Hathaway just epically shut down her body shamers

Hollywood star Anne Hathaway just epically shut down her body shamers

Unfortunately, being in the public eye as an A-list celebrity makes you very susceptible to criticism. So often do we write about the trolls and keyboard warriors who like to shame our favourite celebs from everything including their body weight, sartorial choices and even how they raise their children. While ultimately their comments should be ignored, it turns out that negative comments do strike a chord with many celebrities who feel the need to respond. Just last week, Bella Hadid angrily clapped back at trolls who accused her of getting plastic surgery in the best way possible.

And now, The Princess Diaries star, Anne Hathaway, has shut down body shamers – before they could even comment on her recent weight gain. The 35-year-old took to Instagram to reveal that she has been bulking up for an upcoming movie, and pre-emptively and swiftly addressed the "fat shamers" that she anticipated would have something to say about it.

"I am gaining weight for a movie role and it is going well," Anne wrote in the caption of a time-lapse video of her working out for the part. "To all the people who are going to fat shame me in the upcoming months, it’s not me, it’s you. Peace xx"

"PS- I wanted to set this to Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” but copyright said no. Continued peace xx," she concluded.

Fans, of course, were completely supportive of the star, writing encouraging comments on the post. "You’re a beautiful person inside and out no matter what size you are," one person wrote. "No matter what you do, you will always beautiful and kind. Keep going! You shouldn’t worry about explaining yourself to Internet trolls. Good luck with all you do!" another added.

"Never let ppl who mean so little dictate so much," said someone else. "Most importantly--I think after that workout you could kick their ass in any event."

This comment holds especially true. The sped-up 32-second video shows the entirety of a gruelling full-body workout that included everything from resistance bands to weights, as well as body weight exercises and a core routine.

Anne didn't reveal what exactly the upcoming movie is, although her IMDb profile reveals that she's  filming for a sci-fi thriller film called O2, and it's rumoured that she will star in the 2020 flick Barbie. Currently in pre-production, the IMDb synopsis reads: "A doll living in 'Barbieland' is expelled for not being perfect enough and sets off on an adventure in the real world. A live-action feature film based on the popular line of Barbie toys."

It's not the first time the Devil Wears Prada star has called out her haters. She took to Instagram again last month the night before the Oscars to reminisce about the "corny haters" who were giving her grief about her red carpet outfit, amongst other things. "I had to change my dress last minute and so it looked like my nipples were hard, I had full blown laryngitis and had to sing, and a bunch of corny haters were getting lots of attention from the media for being haters but you know what? It was still the best," she wrote.

Well, despite the flack that celebrities seem to cop all the time, Anne's proactive strategy is certainly one way to beat the haters at their own game.