Instagram model posts side-by-side pictures revealing the truth about perfect Insta posts

Instagram model posts side-by-side pictures revealing the truth about perfect Insta posts

Littered with a slew of lithe gazelles with peachy derrieres, toned tummies and perfectly smooth skin, it can't be said that Instagram is great at championing diversity. Certainly, the "models" that we see on the social media platform are, perhaps more often than not, perfectly retouched and filtered.

Instagram fitness model and body positivity advocate, Chessie King, has made it her mission to showcase the reality behind the images we see on Instagram by posting side-by-side pictures of herself to reveal the difference between what's real and what has been photoshopped.

Stressing that posture and the way that you position yourself can totally transform how your body looks, the 24-year-old uploaded images of herself "posing" and then standing naturally to demonstrate the difference between the two.

"Wouldn’t be in a bikini without giving you a chunk of reality," Chessie wrote. "Just a little reminder how easy it is to change your bawwdy. We’re all guilty of trying to pose to make our bodies look the best it can & that’s okay but it’s photos like the right that help us all feel a little bit normal (I hope)."

Seriously, it's so easy to make your waist look tighter and your stomach flatter...

Chessie also broke down the reality behind the oft-problematic label, "#Goals".

"It’s amazing how different my goals are to a few years ago. All I cared about was being the leanest I could be, never missing a gym session, sticking to a ‘meal plan’ that took all the love out of food & ... these are NOT ‘life goals’, these are restrictive & no fun," she wrote.

"I would never ever of been brave enough to put the right photo up back then but your gal has changed... my main goal now is to be as happpy as I can possibly be & that means feeling as comfortable as I can be in my own skin. I was about to film a little video about my skin this afternoon (that red lil’ cheek!), I looked down & saw my tummy. I would’ve been disgusted a few years ago & would’ve put a top on to cover it up, but I gave it a little jiggle & smiled. It may not look like the left (which was only a few months ago) but I really couldn’t care less. I’ve said this before but my happiest times in life have been with my family, with my bestfriends, with Mat, none of them have been about my body or how I look."

And here are some more of the blogger's most inspirational posts:

Well, I think we can all agree that Chessie's feed is refreshing break from the never-ending stream of perfect Instagram models... And in any case, it also serves as an apt reminder to us all - chiefly, don't take everything you see on Instagram at face value.