Jada Pinkett-Smith says she was 'wrong' to date Will Smith while he was still married

Jada Pinkett-Smith says she was 'wrong' to date Will Smith while he was still married

In the glitzy and glamorous world of Hollywood, relationships seem to work a little differently to how they do in real life. You don't really hear about famous folks dating non-famous people, for instance, and very few married couples seem to last more than a few years together.

However, one celebrity couple that is still going strong after two decades of marriage is Jada and Will Smith. The pair first met way back in 1995 after Jada auditioned for a role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and were married by the end of 1997.

Now, they're recognized as being a happy family - along with their famous children, Willow and Jaden. But, as it turns out, things weren't always plain sailing for the couple.

When the couple first met, the Fresh Prince actor was already with Sheree Fletcher, a reality TV star. He and Fletcher had been married since 1992 and had a son, Trey, who was born in the same year. However, their marriage wasn't set to last, and eventually fell apart shortly before Will met Jada.

The pair began dating while Will was still legally hitched to his first wife: something that Jada now says she deeply regrets doing.

In fact, she's so remorseful about her actions that she decided to sit down and talk about them... with Sheree.

As part of Jada's new Facebook Watch series, Red Table talk, the actress spoke in detail with her husband's ex-wife about the beginning of her relationship with Will, and how she believes she could have done things differently.

sheree fletcher Credit: Facebook/Red Table Talk

"The beginning between us was rough," Jada admitted. "I did not understand marriage, I did not understand divorce, I probably should have fell back."

Sheree then interjected, "You think?" which prompted Jada to elaborate a little more.

"I’ll tell you why, I feel like when Will and I first started dating I had this thing in my mind, 'okay, you did that and that’s done,'" she said. "That part, see that’s where I was wrong."

She then continued:

"Now, being a married woman, and if Will and I were to get divorced now, my god... So when I think back about where I was [and] some of my insensitivities, some of my inconsideration, just in regards to you guys [Sheree and Will] unwinding a marriage... you know."

The pair also had a heart-to-heart about Jada's experience with raising Trey, and how Sheree felt about having another woman take care of her son. Surprisingly, though, it appears that there is no bad blood between them when it comes to that subject - and Sheree is actually very grateful for Jada's input.

Recalling the first time Trey met his stepmother-to-be, Sheree said, "I said ‘How did you like Miss Jada?’ [And] he said, ‘I really liked her, Mommy.’"

She then continued: "Thank you for loving my baby... I'll tell you, on this side of things, my son could not have a better bonus mom."

All in all, then, it actually appears as if Sheree and Jada get along very well, and any animosity that may have arisen between them before has been well and truly left in the past. The relationship they have now might not be the most conventional one - but at least it works.