‘Jersey Shore’ star Deena Cortese mom-shamed over three-day-old son’s outfit

‘Jersey Shore’ star Deena Cortese mom-shamed over three-day-old son’s outfit

Being a parent is tough. And if you're the mother in the situation, not only are you saddled with a veritable parasite for nine months, but you're also responsible for expelling it. And if you can bear to think back to those childbirth videos we were forced to watch in school, you'll understand that the process of getting yourself a brand new human being is no walk in the park.

And yeah, while you emerge with a little bundle of joy, it doesn't get any easier... until they leave home at the age of 18. Mothers in particular, are shamed for every little decision they make in regards to their children.

This is something that Jersey Shore star, Deena Cortese, came to know intimately after she brought back her newborn son, Christopher John "CJ" Bruckner, from the hospital.

Taking to Instagram, Cortese shared a sweet photo of her three-day-old son sleeping in his carseat. "Going home ( it’s not a jacket .. it’s a onesie and hospital approved it ) we’re not perfect but we got this thank you for the concerns."

Despite the 31-year-old's preemptive disclaimer, the people of the internet took the opportunity to air their concerns that CJ's outfit wasn't carseat safe.

One Instagram user commented, "The harness is too loose, look around his legs!! It's clearly loose as f*ck," while another corroborated "Take that baby out and put it back in without the suit on and see how loose the straps are!"

"Onesie or not it’s way too thick. Car seat safety isn’t something to take lightly. I don’t care if it’s unwarranted advice I’ll say it to anyone," a third added. "Hospital personnel are NOT car seat technicians. That ‘onesie’ is definitely NOT safe in a car seat," wrote another.

It wasn't all negative, however. Certain social media users encouraged the Jersey Shore star to ignore the critics, because being mom-shamed is just part of living in the 21st century. "You got this girl! You do you and don't worry about the loser mom shamers. They are just miserable trolls!!! Baby boys are the best!" one wrote, while another added "Here we go with the mom shaming! People need to shut up and just enjoy the beautiful photos."

"Do not ever, think you need to explain yourself as a mother," advised one Instagram user. "You are great, he is healthy, and you got this, jacket or not."

One commenter summed it all up, however, writing "Welcome to motherhood and all the sanctimommy’s of instagram."

The cast of Jersey Shore - barring "Sammi Sweeheart" - is currently starring in a new reality television series on MTV, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. And if the next season features CJ, Cortese can look forward to experiencing plenty more mom-shaming.

All in a day's work, eh?