Jessica Biel flaunted her grey hair at the Golden Globes and everyone's here for it

Jessica Biel flaunted her grey hair at the Golden Globes and everyone's here for it

Sunday's Golden Globes provided the usual sum-up and celebration of the best films and actors of the past year, but this year it was about so much more than that. It was a huge night for women, with everyone choosing to wear black to show support for the Time's Up movement, and a lot of powerful things were said during the speeches.

But of course, there were still people saying: "Yeah, that's cool and all, but what did they look like?", "who were they wearing?", "was it a bold lip or a dramatic eye?" and "what did they do with their hair?!"

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One celebrity who caught the people's attention was Jessica Biel, who sashayed elegantly down the red carpet in a tulle Dior Haute Couture gown, complete with her husband, Justin Timberlake, and a pair of diamond earrings which are probably worth my entire life's savings multiplied a few times. But despite the fact that she looked like some kind of chic goddess from the 1950's, people were quick to comment on her hair – pointing out that the actress had a few grey hairs on display.

But in a similar vein to everyone freaking out about the fact that Kendall Jenner hit the red carpet of the same event sporting a cluster of pimples on her face, we need to remember that just because these are celebrities, who have a small army of makeup artists and hair stylists on hand 24/7, they are still human too.

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The few strands of grey hair sprouting from the top of the 35-year-old's forehead are barely noticeable, and it's not like it stops her from looking like her usual gorgeous self. While some overly sensitive fans tried to assure everyone that she'd just forgotten to touch up her roots, it could be that she chose to confidently flaunt her natural hair to show that there's nothing wrong with showing your age.

But whatever – she's embracing it and everyone should just chill about the fact that she isn't hiding the tiniest bit of evidence that she's a normally functioning human that ages. And it's certainly not something her husband cares about either, with him posting a picture of the two of them about to head to the event with the caption: "Here we come!! And DAMN, my wife is hot!".

The pair met for the first time at the 2007 Golden Globes after they were seated at the same table. And more than ten years later, it appears that the two of them are still having fun together at the same event. Biel posted an adorable image of the two of them after the official ceremony. "I give my ride to the #goldenglobes after party a very enthusiastic 5 [star] rating", she wrote to accompany a picture of her getting a piggy-back from her husband.

Well Jessica, we give you a 5-star rating too, for reminding us that whether we choose to dye our greys or not, the choice is all ours.