John Krasinski teared up over Emily Blunt's SAG acceptance speech and now we're all emotional

John Krasinski teared up over Emily Blunt's SAG acceptance speech and now we're all emotional

We stan a supportive spouse - also known as John Krasinski at Sunday night's Sag Awards.

When his wife, Emily Blunt, took home the Best Supporting Actress win for her performance in the Thriller, A Quiet Place, no one was happier than the erstwhile The Office actor. Certainly, while Blunt seemed taken aback by the award - the other nominees were Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, Amy Adams and Margot Robbie - Krasinski, who wrote, directed and co-starred in the film, just couldn't conceal his joy. So much so, in fact, that he teared up.

Blunt, who wed the actor back in 2010, made sure to thank her husband during her acceptance speech. "I'm going to share this completely with my husband, John Krasinski," she asserted. "Because the entire experience of doing this with you has completely pierced my heart directly. You are a stunning filmmaker. I'm so lucky to be with you and to have done this film with you."

And, of course, she had a sense of humour about it all too. "Thank you for giving me the part, you would've been in major trouble if you hadn't, so you didn't really have an option, but thank you," she joked.

"And thank you to the two little poems in our life, our daughters Hazel and Violet, who will have to be at least 45 before they can see this film, but they'll be proud of you nonetheless," the 35-year-old continued. While Blunt was speaking, Krasinski looked on proudly from the audience, and appeared to well up.

The actress concluded her speech by thanking her team, as well as the Screen Actors Guild. "I'm so honored. I appreciate it so much," she stated, brandishing her award.

But Blunt didn't just stop there. The award winner, who donned a pink ruffled Micheal Kors Collection gown to the ceremony, kept praising her husband while speaking to the press after her win. "My favourite thing about shooting A Quiet Place for sure was working with John," she said.

"We had never done it before, and it is kind of the great unknown. You go into this process not knowing what that's gonna be, and a lot of people were like, 'You're gonna be divorced by the end of it,' you know, and actually we were so much closer," the actress continued. "I think the discovery of how well we collaborated and how well we can create something together was just so special."

A Quiet Place was one of the highest-grossing movies of 2018, with its $17 million budget taking in $341 million worldwide at the box office.

Well, John and Emily are certainly shaping up to be the couple of 2019. Look out Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, there appears to be another super pairing ready to take over Hollywood...