John Travolta looks totally unrecognizable as a creepy stalker in his latest film role

John Travolta looks totally unrecognizable as a creepy stalker in his latest film role

It has to be said that John Travolta has changed a lot since his hit roles in Saturday Night Fever and Grease Lightning back in the 1970s. But, as the guy is now in his mid-60s, that's pretty much expected.

However, throughout his career, he's taken on one or two film parts that have seen him transform considerably from his classic bad-boy Danny image. His starring role as a weird blue Alien in the 2000 flop Battlefield Earth, for example, is a particular standout moment for Travolta's more recent acting history (though probably not for the right reasons), and who could forget his portrayal of Tracy Turnblad's Mom in Hairspray?

But even those two transformations pale in comparison to the 64-year-old's most recent look.

Pitcures from the set of Travolta's most recent film, Moose, shows the actor sporting a greasy grey mullet and unkempt beard, an ill-fitting Hawaiian shirt with chequered shorts, and, at another point in the movie, an oversized blue suit and backpack.

The look appears to fit quite well with his character, the titular "Moose", who obsessively stalks his celebrity hero.

According to director Fred Durst, the frontman for Limp Bizkit, the storyline of the film was based on events from his own life, and Travolta's character is inspired by one of his own stalkers.

So far, not much more about the plot is known, but a post on the film’s Instagram page gives this synopsis:

"On the grimy streets of Hollywood, a hyper, celebrity-obsessed man-child feels slighted by his favorite movie star at an autograph convention and embarks on an unhinged quest to get a response from the actor – leading to a home invasion and a VERY long night that changes both men irreparably.

"John Travolta, Devon Sawa and Ana Golja team up in this violent, pitch black satire of our culture’s obsession with fame, and the social contract between celebrities and their fans in the social media age."

In a recent interview with TMZ, Travolta said that working with Durst as a director was: "maybe my favorite experience I've had. He's so generous, and he's such an artist and he allowed me to create a character that nobody else would allow. I mean, it's really a wild character and I felt very free to do that."

On another occasion, Travolta praised Durst's skills as a writer and director.

"I think Fred did an extraordinary job writing this and directing it. He's a top artist. This guy is the real deal. Fred has the qualities, the attributes that all the great directors have. This movie, and this performance is like nothing I've seen before. And I just haven't read a script this interesting in years ... I couldn't wait to do it. And it's been a long time where I couldn't actually wait to do something."

Filming for the movie only began last month, so it may still be quite some time before we see the flick hitting the big screens.