Kanye West told people to tell someone they've argued with 'I love you' and it didn't go according to plan

Kanye West told people to tell someone they've argued with 'I love you' and it didn't go according to plan

It's difficult to know where you should stand on Kanye West, isn't it? On the one hand, you've got Kanye the musical genius. Kanye, the man who brought us songs like "Gold Digger", "Touch The Sky" and "All Of The Lights". But then, on the other hand, you have got Kanye the enigma, the divisive figure, the man who seems to court controversy and embarks on rampant Twitter tirades in which he types out and sends off flippant remarks regarding Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Wherever you stand on the Kanye debate, there's no doubting his influence in the world and the power of his words. As one of the most high-profile music artists on the planet, Ye is on a pedestal that not many can touch and, for that reason alone, his remarks become even more absurd and concerning.

For fans of Ye, this has always been the way - he has always carved his own path. Whether it was going against his boss Jay-Z and releasing his own songs as a rapper rather than a producer, or recording and dropping "Through The Wire" while his jaw was wired shut due to a life-threatening car crash, Kanye does what Kanye wants.

Nowhere does this sentiment ring more true than on his Twitter account. It's been just over a week since Kanye re-appeared on the app and everyday has been a whirlwind. From telling us that he's "nice at ping pong" to interacting with Donald Trump, Kanye's Twitter has covered pretty much everything possible in the last few weeks.

Such is the nature of Kanye West; he's been treated as the right wing darling due to his adulation of Donald Trump, before being thrown under a bus for saying he's not a conservative and that he doesn't support everything that Trump does.

However, one message that has continued through Yeezy's reappearance on Twitter, has been one of acceptance. Whether you agree with his stance on Trump or not, it's clear that Kanye is trying to make the world a more accepting and loving place (as well as promote his new album).

Such is Ye's search for a loving world, he set his followers a challenge. Taking to Twitter, Kanye told his followers to message someone that had recently fallen out with and tell them that they love them.

Seems nice right, well, unfortunately, it went horribly wrong for a lot of people. Check it out below.

Obviously a man of his word, Kanye tweeted a text exchange between him and a man called Wes. In it, Ye sends a photo of Jan Adams, the man who performed plastic surgery on Kanye's mom, contributing to her untimely death. Kanye said that he wants to use the image for his album cover, in order to get people to "forgive and stop hating."

It's a pretty big olive branch from West, whose new album is out in the next few weeks. Hopefully, unlike his followers, his message to Adams will be a bit more successful.