Kanye West wore a $40 jacket to Met Gala 2019 and fans have a newfound respect

Kanye West wore a $40 jacket to Met Gala 2019 and fans have a newfound respect

The majority of attendees go all out when it comes to impressing at the Met Gala, with many designers vying to have their creations make an appearance on the Met Gala. From Harry Styles' earrings to Cardi B's "menstruation" dress, last night's fashion even saw its fair share of extravaganza!

But in perhaps a surprising move, Kanye West turned up to this year's event in a $40 jacket. Yes, this was the outfit choice of a man who charges hundreds of dollars for a pair of Yeezy sneakers.

The simple jacket can be purchased from Dickies and is known as the "The Eisenhower Jacket". It's inspired by looks popularised during World War II.

The rapper paired the jacket with black pants and YEEZY Season 4 Military Combat Boots in the dark tone "Oil".

Check out the hilarious response Kim gave to North after she asked why mommy was famous:

The 41-year-old understated look as a sharp contrast from his wife Kim's, who went for a wet mermaid look in a beaded latex Thierry Mugler dress which took eight months to produce, and was the first dress in 20 years Mugler has designed for his eponymous label, as confirmed in a Vogue Hommes Instagram post.

Kim also took to Instagram to showcase her outfit in a number of glamourous snaps:

And naturally, Kanye's understated and affordable look didn't go unnoticed by people on Twitter, with many individuals predicting a huge spike in sales for Dickies:

However, like everything in this world, Kanye did have his critics:

So, if you want to dress like a millionaire rap god, Kanye West’s classic Dickies Eisenhower Jacket is available now at dickies.com for priced at just $43 (USD) - but be quick, something tells me they'll be sold out in no time.