Kat Von D's stunning wedding dress proves that brides don't need to wear white

Kat Von D's stunning wedding dress proves that brides don't need to wear white

While the majority of brides ascribe to the whole white-on-white situation when it comes to their big day, others eschew tradition in favour of making their nuptials a more personal affair.

One such bride is tattooist to the stars, Kat Von D. The legendary tattoo artist and entrepreneur held a wedding celebration on Sunday with Cholo-goth musician Rafael Reyes (also known as Leafar Seyer), whom she married back in February.

And the theme of the event, according to her embossed wedding invites, was "en vida y en muerte" or "in life and in death". Naturally, the colour palette for the day was fitting: it was a deep, blood red, right down to her wedding gown.

The gown, which was purportedly custom-made by Adolfo Sanchez, fit Kat's aesthetic perfectly. The 36-year-old is known for her gothic-cum-burlesque vibe, and what better way to channel this kind of look than a blood-red ensemble, replete with devil horns?

Although no fan of Kat would have expected her to have a traditional wedding, it's a good reminder for brides out there to not shy away from pushing out the boat, and doing something a little different on their big day - whether it's as dramatic as purchasing a red dress, or choosing a more unorthodox venue - it only serves to make the day more memorable, both for them and their guests.

Let's take a look then, shall we? This is the first peek of the ensemble, courtesy of Kat's now-husband...

And here's another, from the brains behind the dress, Adolfo Sanchez:

And Kat's veil was just on another level...

On Saturday, Kat - who is expecting a son with Rafael Reyes - took to Instagram to share some thoughts related to her impending wedding celebration.

"Such a beautifully emotional day today," she wrote. "Tomorrow, @prayers and I will have our wedding ceremony for our close friends + family. This has been the sweetest, most stress-free experience where we continuously fell in love with each other all over again with each day counting down. This is a photo of 3 carnations that our dear friends @majestyblack brought us tonight after our rehearsal and soundcheck. Red carnations are @prayers favourite flower, and the 3 represent him, me, and our sweet baby boy we are adding to our family. All I can say right now is that i am so grateful for my dear friends, and for my sweet husband."

It wasn't all about the unique wedding dress, however. The newlywed ensured that the entire ceremony was very on-brand.

For starters, the wedding invitations were something else...

And it wouldn't be a Kat Von D celebration without some makeup would it? Each guest left with a custom Kat Von D lipstick in a gothic black shade with gold flecks.

See, it doesn't always play to do things by the book...