Khloé Kardashian posts video of the Kardashian babies learning Spanish and it's super impressive

Khloé Kardashian posts video of the Kardashian babies learning Spanish and it's super impressive

2017 was the year of the Kardashian-Jenner baby boom. Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child, Chicago, via surrogate back in January; Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child, Stormi Webster, a month later, and then in April, Khloé Kardashian welcomed a baby girl, True Thompson, in the midst of all the cheating allegations surrounding her beau and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

And, naturally, the cousins are already best of friends. In fact, Chicago, Stormi, True and Dream even spent their Wednesday evening learning a new language together!

Khloé Kardashian posted moments from the adorable baby class to her Instagram Stories yesterday, and they show the toddlers jamming to a number of nursery rhymes, including a Spanish one.

I mean, just take a look at how seriously True is taking it all!

Well, if you needed any more proof that these babies are headed for world domination, you have it.

Also! There's going to be another one joining them very soon. People has reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child via surrogate. The baby will join 11-month-old Chicago - who was also born via surrogate - three-year-old Saint, and five-year-old North.

While Kim has repeatedly spoken about how much she loves being a mother, back in August, a Keeping Up with the Kardashians source told the publication that the reality star and her rapper husband weren't "in a huge rush" to have a fourth child.

"They have absolutely talked about trying for another baby with the help of a surrogate, but nothing seems decided for sure," claimed the insider, before pointing out "Chicago is still little, and they have time."

In the past, Kim has said that while she's open to having a fourth child, it's a decision that she and Kanye will make privately, and at the right time. "My home and my heart feel really full right now, in the best way," she said, before stating that a fourth baby would definitely be the last. "I don't think I could handle more than that. My time is spread really thin. And I think it's important that in all couples, the mum gives the husband as much attention as the kids."

This decision was undoubtedly influenced by the complications the 37-year-old experienced while pregnant with her first two children.

After the birth of North and Saint, Kim suffered from pre-eclampsia and placenta acrceta, which meant that she was unable to carry her third child. As she said during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, "I always knew surrogacy was an option, now it's my reality".

Explaining her reasoning for going down the surrogate route with Chicago on her app, she stated:

"Doctors said that it wasn’t safe for my — or the baby’s — health to carry on my own. After exploring many options, Kanye and I decided to use a gestational carrier. A traditional surrogate donates her egg, is artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm and then carries the baby to term. Since we implanted my fertilised egg in our gestational carrier, our baby is biologically mine and Kanye’s."