Kim Kardashian lost an alarming amount of weight in two weeks to fit into that super tight Met Gala dress

Kim Kardashian lost an alarming amount of weight in two weeks to fit into that super tight Met Gala dress

Rihanna was the Pope, Katy Perry was an angel, and Ariana Grande was the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. But what the heck was Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala?

The 37-year-old joined the crowd of celebrities at the annual art/fashion event on Monday wearing a slinky gold dress, but no-one really knew what it was (other than very figure-hugging).

The theme this year was, of course, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, so people were at a loss as to what Kim's Versace number had drawn inspiration from. Soon, someone came up with a likely explanation: Kim came as the Holy Grail.

The gold number certainly looked incredible, especially since it really accentuated her infamous curves. However, it's been revealed that in preparation for the event, Kim decided to do a detox in order to slim down – but with alarming results.

“I have the Met Gala coming up and I’ve worked so hard working out, but I started eating a lot of sweets and I wanted to just change my food patterns to eat healthier and cut sugar out of my life as much as I can,” she wrote in a post on her app in the lead-up to the event.

While this is all well and good (we should all be trying to cut down on sugar and make healthier choices instead), the fact that she did a detox has left many people feeling disappointed that this is how she was promoting her pre-red carpet preparations.

The 37-year-old mother-of-three revealed she lost a total of seven pounds two weeks before the Met Gala, a statistic that many experts have problems with. Especially for Kim's small stature, losing so much weight in such a small amount of time can't really be considered healthy.

Shortly before the New York event, Kim told Vanity Fair that her gold Met Gala dress was "one of [her] favourites", adding that she didn’t have the fitting for it "until the night before".


"We had gone through sketch after sketch, perfecting it," she explained. "They took my measurements, but inside I was freaking out a little bit. Was it going to fit?"

"I had lost six or seven pounds in the last two weeks, doing a cleanse, and so I really wanted to make sure that it fit me... So I was freaking out a little bit, and then it just fit me like a glove — like, it was perfection. It was so good."

Kim is usually very good at sharing a healthy message when it comes to health and fitness – often highlighting how important it is to eat a balanced diet, and also working out regularly with trainer Melissa Alcantara to keep in shape. But Melissa might be among those that are disappointed in Kim, especially since cleanses are generally discouraged by health and fitness coaches

"A cleanse or detox program is strictly designed for fast weight loss," registered dietician nutritionist Keri Gans tells Prevention. "A person is almost 100 percent guaranteed to gain their weight back immediately afterwards. It typically only encourages restriction and deprivation, which never leads to long-lasting results."

She added that the weight Kim lost during the cleanse does not necessarily mean that she lost any body fat: "I would think this quick weight loss is due to two things; a dramatic reduction in calories she is consuming and some water weight, which can be a common result."

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommend that losing one to two pounds per week is a more sustainable way to lose weight, and it also has a less drastic impact on the body. "I only wish Kim K would set a better example to all her fans," Gans said.

Kim's 10-day "full body detox" included restrictions on days four through six that meant she consumed nothing but shakes and herbal tea. Yikes, can you imagine how hangry you'd be getting?! Sounds like it can't be good for anyone...