Kim Kardashian throws shade at people who criticised her vacation Instagram pictures

Kim Kardashian throws shade at people who criticised her vacation Instagram pictures

Unless you've managed to build yourself a cave that is completely airtight from any drama pertaining to the Kardashian-Jenner family, chances are you've heard all about Khloé Kardashian recently. Just days before the reality television star was due to give birth, it was reported that Tristan Thompson had been cheating on her. It all apparently started when a woman, who claimed to have slept with Thompson, uploaded a sex tape, and a number of explicit messages that he'd sent her to Instagram. While the video in question has since been taken down, TMZ corroborated the individual's claims by posting several video clips wherein Thompson is seen kissing unidentified women.

Khloé, who has just given birth to daughter True, is understandably heartbroken. "[She's] completely devastated," a source told Entertainment Tonight. "Tristan is a man Khloé built a life with and saw as her forever."

However, it's apparent that Khloé's strife wasn't all that important to her sister, Kim Kardashian. While Khloé was preparing to deliver her first child - desolate and alone in a city that was foreign to her - Kim had better things to do, like uploading her vacation snaps to Instagram.

While "momager" Kris Jenner promptly flew out to Cleveland to be by Khloé's side during her time of need, Kim went on an Instagram spree - posting pictures from her recent tropical vacation.

This prompted great backlash from fans of the family. "Now! Get off this island and go to your sister Khloé, she needs you," one social media user wrote, while another corroborated "Get to your sister, she needs you, come on".

But it appears that the internet got it all wrong, as Kim did fly to Cleveland too. The reality television star took to Twitter to confirm that she was there throughout the whole ordeal, and revealed that she even held her sister's leg while she pushed.

"@khloekardashian I’m so happy for you!" Kim wrote. "Your baby girl is so beautiful! You are so strong, you made that look so easy! I can’t wait for our baby girls to grow up as best friends the way we are! I’m so happy I was able to return the favor of holding your leg while you pushed LOL."

Kim even left a clue on one of her holiday snaps. After deleting and then reposting several of the images, Kim re-uploaded the image that had garnered the most abuse - but with a new caption. "We're on our way sis..." she wrote to accompany a photo of her, Kourtney and a friend on an island caddy.

Khloé announced on Instagram that she'd given birth to a daughter - named True - yesterday. "Our little girl, True Thompson, has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with LOVE," she asserted. "Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy loooooove you True!"

Well, we wish Khloé the best of luck with her new baby girl - oh, and with her philandering boyfriend as well.