Kristen Bell just gave the most beautiful advice to a fan struggling with body image

Kristen Bell just gave the most beautiful advice to a fan struggling with body image

It seems Kristen Bell can do no wrong. Whether she's speaking candidly about her seemingly perfect relationship with fellow actor, Dax Shepard, or starring in a slew of critically acclaimed television shows, she always authentically Kristen.

And as it turns out, she's also great at dishing out advice to those in need...

Earlier this year, Kristen shared a photo of her look for the 70th Emmy Awards on Instagram - calling it one of her favourite looks ever.

Naturally, her fans flocked to tell her how "beautiful" and "stunning" she looked, but one user wrote something that really struck a chord with the actress.

"So mother f*cking beautiful. U are stunning unlike me," stated the individual.

Kristen then proceeded to share some advice with the woman in question, who was clearly struggling with body image.

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"Gurl don’t u dare. You got one time on this planet — don’t waste time being negative. You deserve all the love in the world. And I think your face is beautiful AF. Don’t u dare tell me I’m wrong," Kristen replied.

"Here’s your homework. Follow Glennon Doyle and watch all her stories. Read her book, Love Warrior . Smile more, because u are alive and wonderful. And loved. Xo," she added.

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Of course, the people of the internet loved Kristen's response.

"A beautiful soul shown inside and out. Thank you for showing everyone that we are all worthy of love and respect just by being you," wrote one Instagram user, while another corroborated "Thank you for giving us moms encouraging words! I look in the mirror all time and say 'this is so not cute' and 'I look so tired'. I have a 5 yr old and 1 yr old, cleft lip and pallatte. Nice clothes and fixing myself are a thing of the past. I do manage to get mascara on every day so it's getting there!!"

"This is why you are so amazing. You took the time to build up another person's self-worth. I am taking a screenshot and sharing with my girls. You are a great role model for them as they enter their teenage years," a third added.

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This is not the first time that the actress has been vocal about body positivity. In an interview with Women's Health in 2015, she opened about about the realities of having children and post-partum bodies.

"I feel the 'baby weight' conversation is a stale one," she asserted. "It’s just been talked into the ground - and does anyone really care that much? Just be healthy, don’t beat yourself up, and have fun with your kid. The only way pressure is lifted is if we choose not to accept it any longer. I think that’s what I chose to do."

What a role model, eh?