Kylie Jenner goes makeup free for new adorable video with Stormi

Kylie Jenner goes makeup free for new adorable video with Stormi

Are you keeping up with the new generation of Kardashians? I know, there's a lot of babies, and when you read some of their names, it sounds like a weather forecast. But you should keep up, because the families are sharing adorable photos and videos of their young ones. Let's face it - they're not going to stay this cute forever. (Actually, they will. They're Kardashians. They look flawless to the grave.)

Let's start with the family of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - because if Kanye doesn't come first, he gets very upset.  Yesterday Kim shared a rare family photo including all three kids: four-year-old North, two-year-old Saint, and three-month old Chicago. This pic was snapped taken on airplane, and is only the second one to include the whole Kardashian-West family. It even catches Yeezy smiling, a rare sight, like spotting a unicorn on the sidewalk.

Next, there's the family of Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson (for now). Khloé just gave birth to a baby daughter, named True. Fans found the name curious, since the paparazzi caught Tristan on camera getting intimate with multiple women. But despite not being 'true' to Khloé, she allowed Tristan in the delivery room, and reportedly wants to rebuild their relationship. The family hasn't released any photos of True, but an insider told People how Khloé is holding up. This isn't her first time facing infidelity. Her ex, Lamar Odom, also cheated on her.

"The Tristan stuff hasn’t seemed to impact [Khloé] substantially – at least not for now. She is prioritizing, and her priority is True. Whatever else comes next with Tristan, or really anything, she’ll deal with it as it comes but she will not let anything affect this amazing time with her little girl.

"[Khloé]’s so strong. It is clearly unfair that she is going through this again, but the silver lining is that she knows how to deal with it and mentally process something like a betrayal. She knows what she needs to do to keep strong and focused on her daughter – and that is completely #1 above all else."

Finally, there's the family of Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott and their three month old daughter, Stormi. On Monday night, Kylie shared an adorable video on Insta Stories - or should I say, Insta Stormies?! No, I should not. Sorry about that. Anyway, the video features Kylie makeup free, which is an occurrence almost as rare as a Kanye smile! The new mom holds Stormi close to her chest, and the newborn laughs in her sleep. It might be the cutest thing ever.

Kylie followed it up with a second video, zooming in on her face while she holds Stormi in bed. Is this all motherhood is - lying in bed, sleeping and laughing all day? Seems pretty awesome. All right, this isn't all motherhood is, but it's definitely a great part of it. Aren't you glad you kept up with the Kardashians?