Kylie Jenner posted the first post-pregnancy pic of her belly exactly one month after giving birth

Kylie Jenner posted the first post-pregnancy pic of her belly exactly one month after giving birth

Exactly a month after the birth of her daughter Stormi, Kylie Jenner has sent fans into a high alert after sharing pictures flaunting her post-partum body AND the first real pictures of the baby. The new pictures prove that the 20-year-old is getting increasingly more easy-going about sharing details of her new journey into motherhood with fans.

As everyone and their dog probably already knows, Kylie managed to miraculously keep her entire pregnancy secret, only revealing at the beginning of February that the rumours were true – she had been pregnant all along and that she'd already given birth too.

"I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark through all the assumptions," she wrote on Instagram. "I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way I knew."

But it seems that now one month on, the shroud of secrecy has been somewhat lifted and Kylie is feeding eager fans dribs and drabs of new information about her experience as a new mother. Yesterday she posted a video of herself wearing nothing but a bikini bottom and a cropped top to Snapchat and her Instagram stories, revealing the state of her post-pregnancy body. She captioned it "1 monthhhhhh" – hard to believe given it looks like she didn't give birth at all!

kylie jenner post pregnancy body Credit: Snapchat

While she looks amazing, it's important to remember that Kylie's pregnancy journey has been anything but realistic compared to the average samaritan. She's got the time and money to get help from nutritionists and fitness trainers to lost the baby weight, which clearly seemed to have worked.

kylie jenner post pregnancy body Credit: Snapchat

Everyone experiences something different after having a child and even if you are rich and famous, it doesn't mean getting your post-partum body back to its original state is easy. Blake Lively posted a very honest photo on Instagram about her pregnancy weight loss a few weeks ago, saying it took her 14 months of very hard work to lose the 61 pounds (27kg) she gained during her pregnancy with her second child.

Kylie also celebrated her daughter's one-month birthday by uploading a full body photo of the baby for the first time. So far, we've only seen a foot, a hand and the blurred side profile of Stormi. But now we have a photo of Kylie cradling her daughter in full view. Behold:

Kylie captioned the image, "my angel baby is 1 month old today," and although we still can't see her face in full, the pictures are really, really sweet. Kylie seems totally infatuated with Stormi, writing on Twitter last week that she "can't stop staring at her".

The makeup mogul also launched a new range of products inspired by her daughter called the "Weather Collection". The collection launched on February 28, and many of the products have already sold out. Thanks to the 20-year-old's mammoth success with Kylie Cosmetics, she's on her way to becoming a billionaire in as little as four years. And Stormi is even predicted to be a millionaire before her first birthday!

All this in one month – it's hard to imagine how we'll keep up as she grows older.