Lucy Hale reveals her most embarrassing beauty regret, and it's so relatable

Lucy Hale reveals her most embarrassing beauty regret, and it's so relatable

We've all got our own make-up regrets and fashion faux pas. Mine? Flared low-rise jeans that flapped around the ankles of my gangly 13-year-old legs, and two thin strands of hair simply called "bits" that were pulled out of a ponytail to dangle in front of my face like limp antennas.

While I do have photos of those regrettable days, I feel comforted by the fact that no-one is going to pull them out of the archives to share with the world. But this was not the case for Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale.

The 28-year-old recently had an old friend dig out a picture from 15 years ago of them posing Charlie's Angels style, and boy is it a ride. It's a throwback pic from Lucy's American Juniors days, and while it's adorable, it's hard not to look away from her ridiculously thin eyebrows.

Costar Katelyn Tarver uploaded the picture with the caption: "tbt to teen choice awards 03 babyyyyyy!!", tagging the other two actresses who were probably a little mortified by the snap.

The 2003 photograph comes from a time where eyebrows lived vulnerable lives - confronted with overworked tweezers on the daily. And it looks like Lucy was a culprit of the over-plucking trend of the early 00's too.

Of course, Lucy is now known for her fierce brows. All it takes is a quick scroll through her Instagram page, where she frequently posts selfies to her 19.6 million followers, to know she's total #browgoals. And naturally, this left some fans wondering how long it took for her eyebrows to grow out after that awkward teenage phase.

After Katelyn shared the photo, Lucy screenshotted it and posted it to her own Instagram Stories."15 years ago. At the teen choice awards. My eyebrows y’all," she wrote. "Thank u @katelyntarver for sharing this content w the world," the actress continued, adding three laughing emojis.

Lucy revealed to Byrdie that she's not afraid of style revolutions – though in regards to her hair, and not her eyebrows. She said that on a whim, she decided to change her hair to a jet-black colour, chopping it just below the chin after Pretty Little Liars finished up. If she wasn't due to start production on the horror film, Truth or Dare, she swore she would have bleached it, buzzed it, or dyed it navy blue.

"I’m not attached to my hair at all," she said. "If someone were like, ‘Shave your head for this role tomorrow,’ I would absolutely do that."

However, it took a while for her to accept herself, saying she constantly compared herself to her equally beautiful Pretty Little Liars costars. "I tried to blend in so bad," she recalled. "It was hard being on a show with a bunch of tall girls. I just always felt like the odd one out."

"I’m almost 28, but … I think I only just figured out who I was a year ago. I know it seems silly because it’s just hair, but at a point, I was like, ‘Why don’t I just own that I’m different?’ I guess cutting my hair off was like me finally saying, ‘I don’t give a f**k.'"

And hey – if she decides to go back to those thin, pencilled-in brows, then why not!