Meghan Markle dubbed 'Duchess Difficult' after second personal assistant resigns

Meghan Markle dubbed 'Duchess Difficult' after second personal assistant resigns

While numerous publications have reported that the Duchess of Sussex has been nailing her royal duties, it now appears that she may be taking her responsibilities a little too seriously.

Yes, although she accompanied the Queen on a solo outing in June, travelled on the royal train - something that is unprecedented for such a new member of Kensington Palace - and completed her first royal tour, the press can't help but dissect the erstwhile actress's every move.

According to reports, Meghan has been branded "Duchess Difficult" by palace insiders as her demands have become too much for aides.

Meghan Markle Credit: Instagram / Kensington Royal

According to The Daily Express, palace staff have begun to "lose patience" with the requests coming in from the 37-year-old, who reportedly asked for air freshener to be sprayed in St. George's Chapel ahead of her May nuptials as she thought there was a "musty" smell.

There have also been repeated reports of a feud between Meghan and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, after the former Suits star allegedly criticised one of Kate's staff members.

While a spokesperson for Kensington Palace has denied that this ever happened, it hasn't prevented the rumour mill from going into overdrive.

Credit: Instagram / Kensington Royal

Now, it's believed that Meghan's second personal assistant has left her job. Samantha Cohen, the private secretary to both Meghan and Prince Harry, is due to step down in the spring after purportedly refusing to take on the position full time.
This follows the departure of Meghan's personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, who left the job six months after the royal wedding.

Royal expert, Victoria Arbiter, told Inside Edition that she didn't believe Cohen's departure had anything to do with a clash of personalities.

"It seems like suddenly in the last few weeks, this reputation is building of Meghan being difficult," Arbiter asserted. "It’s founded from absolutely nothing. It was said from day one that Samantha Cohen was only going to serve as the interim assistant to Harry and Meghan. She was never meant to stay any longer."
This is not the first time that reports have emerged suggesting that royal staff have found the Duchess of Sussex difficult to work with. Per The Mail on Sunday, Kensington Palace has never experienced such "formidable work ethic", detailing that it's not uncommon for Meghan to send six or seven texts in the early morning with ideas and requests regarding how she can define and grow her role within the royal family.

Credit: Instagram / Kensington Royal

Since these reports have emerged, people have drawn attention to the fact that the media's focus on the Duchess - particularly on these negative accounts - exposes a quiet, systemic racism.

Indeed, when you read between the lines of the press's reportage of Meghan, a rather different story emerges; one that seems less about a power hungry duchess, but more about a new royal determined to carve out an identity for herself, after forsaking her previous one for love.