Meghan Markle's latest outfit is being shamed for this absurd (and totally unreasonable) reason

Meghan Markle's latest outfit is being shamed for this absurd (and totally unreasonable) reason

In case you missed it, the annual "Trooping the Colour" event took place in London this weekend - otherwise known as the big hoopla for the Queen's birthday. Everyone was there, including the Queen, Prince William, Kate Middleton and their two eldest kids, as well as Prince Harry and his new wife, former Suits actress Meghan Markle.

They were all paraded through town in horse-drawn carriages, smiling and waving at the crowds in the summer sunshine. But despite the fact that Meghan was pulling off her smile-and-wave in perfect royal fashion, it seems that people had a bone to pick with the 36-year-old. Of all things, people were not happy with the Duchess of Sussex's fashion choice – claiming that it was utterly unsightly for her to expose the tops of her arms in a pink off-the-shoulder number.

Gasp! Will you look at those shoulders?!

For whatever absurd reason, people got really, really upset about it, and decided to take to Twitter to vent about it.

Uh... wow.

Poor Meghan has come under fire (yet again) for something totally absurd and extremely unfair, and I won't hesitate in pointing out that these trolls are being very OTT about it all.

Like, how do they think it was all Meghan who came up with the cunning and devious plan to expose the world to the shocking abhorrence that is the sight of her shoulders? Ever since she got serious with Harry – and now even more since she's officially part of the family – she's got an entire team behind her planning her schedule, picking her outfits, and advising her on what is acceptable or not.

And also, if you're really so appalled and offended by seeing the tops of someone's shoulders peep out from an otherwise very modest and muted dress, I think that actually exposes something a little more about your own indecency and shameful thoughts than hers.

You know what else? Meghan's not the only royal who has "dared" to show off a little bit of... err... shoulder.

Literally just on the weekend, Kate wore an off-the-shoulder sundress to the polo.

I can just imagine the trolls shaking their fists at Kate's clavicles shining in the sunshine. And I hate to break it to you, but Kate's a serial offender when it comes to flashing her shoulders.

The late Princess Diana has also been a culprit on several occasions too.

As this person so rightly put it, "I don't know how I will recover from seeing shoulders".

Even (gasp!) the Queen herself has committed the lowly act of shoulder-flashing.

The other thing is that Meghan has a lower status than either Kate or Dianna (sorry Meghan) because her husband Prince Harry is only sixth in line (sorry Harry). The next person to take the throne is 69-year-old Prince Charles, followed by Prince William and his three young children.

It's the reason Meghan's wedding was a far more low-key affair, involving less pompous "fluff" (yes, that's an official term) than Kate and William's wedding. It meant they didn't have to invite political leaders and could get away with having an elderflower sponge cake rather than a tiered cake covered in fondant that hides a heavy and sickly sweet traditional fruitcake underneath. And I'll remind you that Meghan wore a gorgeous off-the-shoulder gown then too (which the Palace was gushing over, mind you).

Chill out, alright guys?