Melissa McCarthy reveals she secretly smuggled 30 ham sandwiches into the Golden Globes in case anyone was hungry

Melissa McCarthy reveals she secretly smuggled 30 ham sandwiches into the Golden Globes in case anyone was hungry

From Lady Gaga's Cinderella-esque gown to the 'Fiji Water Girl', 2019's Golden Globes ceremony didn't fail to delight and amuse.

No one more so than Melissa McCarthy, however. While everyone was focusing on posing on the red carpet, the 48-year-old was smuggling in dozens of ham and cheese sandwiches, you know, just in case anyone got hungry during the proceedings.

The Bridesmaids actress somehow managed to sneak in 30 plastic-wrapped sandwiches, and is thought to have purchased them from LA's Joan's on Third. Naturally it's super bougie - an apricot-glazed ham and brie ciabatta from the restaurant and food market costs$12.95 - so this isn't exactly any home-packed lunch.

"I’ve been handing them out to everyone," McCarthy told Variety. "Next year, I’m bringing hot dogs."

The sandwiches were so popular, that some of our favourite household names mentioned them throughout the evening.

"How did she get them in here?" asked Jessica Chastain. "But it’s a good idea because by the time you get into the ballroom dinner has already been served, and you’re always so hungry."

Olivia Coleman also gave a shoutout to the rolls when she went to collect her award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Film for her performance in The Favourite. She didn't mention McCarthy by name, but it's clear who she was talking about.

"Thank you for the sandwiches, amazing," she stated.

Of course, the internet just loved the anecdote.

McCarthy was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her role in Will You Ever Forgive Me?, with it being her second Golden Globe nomination following her performance in 2015's Spy.

Unfortunately she lost the honour to Glenn Close, who won for her role in The Wife. It's likely, however, that McCarthy wasn't expecting to win, with Lady Gaga being almost conclusively tipped to be the winner. And Close seemed to be feeling the same way, judging by her expression and the speech she delivered on the night.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Hollywood Foreign Press, this is such a great honour. And I'm so honoured to be with my category sisters," Close said during her acceptance speech. "We've gotten to know each other a little bit so far and I can't wait to spend more time with you. Everything that you did this year - or, what you're here for - we all should be up here together."

Well - with that sandwich stunt - Melissa McCarthy is the true winner in our eyes.