Michael B. Jordan reveals he has hooked up with fans who slide into his DMs

Michael B. Jordan reveals he has hooked up with fans who slide into his DMs

Micheal B. Jordan has had quite the year. While he had already starred in the likes of The Wire, Fruitvale Station and Creed, in 2018, things were taken to the next level. Now, he even has Nicki Minaj hitting on him on live television...

When Black Panther was released back in February - it garnered praise from critics and ordinary folks alike - with Jordan taking on the role of the film's compelling villain. But although his acting chops were certainly admirable, the majority of viewers couldn't help but ogle his ripped physique.

Indeed, one teenage girl was so consumed by lust that she actually bit through her retainer.

black panther Credit: Tumblr

A Tumblr user, who was later confirmed to be this girl's orthodontist, asserted:

"One of my patients came in for an emergency visit, because she snapped the wire on her retainer watching the movie when MBJ took his shirt off she clenched her teeth so f****** hard she snapped it. that is the f******* funniest sh** ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel."

And of course, the internet just couldn't get enough of this anecdote.

Jordan actually replied to the girl's story, offering to pay for the broken retainer.

From this, it's evident that Jordan is pretty active on Twitter - and this is something that was confirmed when the actor made an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' The Ellen Show.

Last week, DeGeneres had Jordan and Chrissy Teigen as guests, and they spoke about his GQ "Man of the Year" cover shoot, before discussing his love life, or lack thereof. To the bafflement of Ellen, Teigen, and everyone else out there, Jordan is single, but he's certainly having fun with it.

"I've been working crazy, so I'm not really having the time to properly date," he explained, but DeGeneres and Teigen weren't haven't any of it. The talk show host went onto ask him whether he finds it flattering that so many women are crushing on him.

Teigen got straight to the point, however, asking Jordan if he had ever hooked up via direct messages.

"Yes I have," Jordan responded. "I have, I'm human, I'm human," he added sheepishly. "Not often, but yes, I have."

The 31-year-old later took to Twitter to clarify that he's a little too classy to do that... well, maybe.

A riot naturally ensued on Twitter...

Well, if Jordan's inbox isn't already flooded by DMs, they will be now. This clip was practically a call for more, whether he wants them or not.