Netflix release 'scariest horror movie ever' that has left viewers vomiting

Netflix release 'scariest horror movie ever' that has left viewers vomiting

If you're looking for a new horror movie without having to fork out extra cash for the movie theatre (or even venture out into the dreaded outdoors), there's a new film out on Netflix that is apparently scaring the pants off anyone who watches it.

The Perfection was directed by Richard Shepard - a director known for his work on shows like Salem and The Twilight Zone - and had its world premiere last September at Fantastic Fest. It picked up some favourable reviews from critics, but as of May 24, it's out on Netflix ready to terrify the general public.

Check out the absolutely terrifying trailer for 'The Perfection':

The Perfection follows troubled musical prodigy Charlotte (Allison Williams) as she seeks out star pupil of her former school Elizabeth (Logan Browning). Once they meet, both musicians end up travelling down a dark path - with some sinister consequences and shocking subject matter.

The film is said to feature plenty of visceral scenes of gore, gross-out scnenes, and even bugs crawling under one character's skin. In fact, it's making some viewers feel physically sick with its graphic scenes.

"HOLY F**K. movie was absolutely incredible," Twitter user @Jasheeshh wrote, "was definitely sick, twisted, and had me cringe at a couple scenes. we NEED more movies like this.'

In fact, people on Twitter were so freaked out by this movie, they would just not shut up about it:

I literally haven't seen so many people warning me about how seriously messed up a movie is...

Do you think you can stomach this new Netflix sensation? Honestly, I thought I could until they mentioned bugs under the skin. I think I'm still scared after seeing them pull that move in The Mummy when I was a kid.