Olivia Culpo just left a savage food-themed takedown on Tristan Thompson's Instagram

Olivia Culpo just left a savage food-themed takedown on Tristan Thompson's Instagram

Last week saw Khloe Kardashian give birth to her baby daughter in the midst of controversial circumstances. Unsurprisingly, given that this is a Kardashian we're talking about, the news of Khloe's latest arrival was met with worldwide attention. But, while people were happy for the star, there were stormy clouds lingering above the relationship between her and Tristan Thompson, the baby daddy.

In case you were unaware of the scandal, Tristan was pictured getting close to numerous women. The Cleveland Cavaliers player was photographed with a woman at a hookah bar and seemingly heading off to his hotel room with a different woman.

The timing of the leaks was interesting, with some believing that the situation had been engineered by Kris Jenner - the brain behind the constant stream of Kardashian headlines that we see on the day-to-day. Of course, the scandal turned the media's eye to Khloe and Tristan's relationship, and in turn, their waiting child. Also, in the least shocking news ever, Khloe's reaction to the cheating and her labor have been recorded by film-crews and will be shown on the newest series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

But, while Khloe may be on the receiving end of the world's love and affection, the same can't be said for Tristan. In the wake of the cheating scandal, the NBA player has been receiving an extreme amount of scorn online. Whether it's just people commenting on his social media or mocking the couple's choice of name (True), Tristan Thompson has become the butt of many jokes on the internet.

One person who has taken a particular dislike to Thompson is Olivia Culpo. The model, who won Miss Universe back in 2012, appeared on Tristan's Instagram account to issue the burn of all burns:

"I hope you get spinach stuck in your teeth and no one tells you.”

Yep, I'm sure that really, really upset the guilt-ridden-father.

I mean, getting food stuck in your teeth and not realising is never nice, but I'm sure Thompson currently has bigger fish to fry than what Miss Universe 2012 thinks of him.

It remains to be seen what Khloe's reaction to the scandal will be - you have to tune in to KUWTK to find out! But, despite the controversy, when Khloe announced the birth of her child, she made sure to reference the father in her message.

Given the nature of Kris Jenner's money-making ability, expect the reaction to be spread out across numerous episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Also, get ready for a barrage of exclusive Khloe interviews in which she, "reveals all about Tristan Thompson!"

What a time.