Padma Patil from 'Harry Potter' looks unrecognisable now and the internet is obsessed 

Padma Patil from 'Harry Potter' looks unrecognisable now and the internet is obsessed 

While Padma Patil will forever be remembered as the sassier of the Patil twins, ("Don't you look... dashing," anyone?) it's safe to say that both sisters have been rather absent from our screens of late. But in Padma's case, this appears to be because she's become a full time Kylie Jenner impersonator - I'm kidding - well, kind of.

Recently, the actress who played Padma, Afshan Azad, has been taking Instagram by storm, on account of her contouring and brow shaping skills. And while it's been seven years since she last appeared in a Harry Potter film, the people of the internet can't stop commenting on how unrecognisable she looks, and conversely, how she looks exactly like a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family...

I mean:

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The girl certainly knows her way around a Sephora...

Or any kind of store that sells beauty products.

She's been dubbed the "Kylie Jenner of Bangladesh".

As could be expected, the people of the internet were all for grown-up Padma Patil. "Padma Patil... you have successfully duped Kylie Jenner," one Twitter user wrote, while another added, "Since when does the girl who played Padma Patil in HP look like Kylie Jenner???!"

Afshan took the comparison in her stride, and even started jokingly referring to herself as "Ky-Shan" on Twitter.

But eventually, it all got to be too much. "If one more person compares me to Kylie Jenner," Afshan later declared on the social media platform, along with a slew of angry emojis.

Well, regardless of how much Afshan may resemble Kylie Jenner, one thing is for sure: she's seriously killing it on the 'gram.