People are sharing adorable before and after shots of their dogs

People are sharing adorable before and after shots of their dogs

Let's face it, everyone loves a good 'before and after' story. Seeing people's transitions from drab to glam or teenage dweeb to a twenty-something with killer confidence fills us with a heartwarming pride, and allows us to believe that, one day, we too might make that drastic change we've always dreamed of.

But now Twitter users have taken it to the next level and are sharing the kind of before and after shots that have really been missing from our lives, and we didn't even know it. Namely, they've been sharing photos of their dogs as a tiny little puppy and then as fully grown canines. And if there's one thing we've learned, it's that boy do dogs grow up more quickly than we'd like.

The trend was started by Twitter user @Munoz0702's after he shared an oh-so-cute first birthday tribute to his own dog and encouraged others to share their own pooches' transitions from pup to porker. Describing finding "his girl" on Craigslist as "the best decision of my life", he even rewarded her with her own party hat. I repeat: a dog in a party hat.

Before long, everyone was joining in with the fun. This little dude even has a jazzy neckerchief:

Have you ever seen a dog this cool?

Some people's pooches have grown so big that they can't even hold them anymore. Forget handbag dogs, that thing is basically a horse:

Like, are you sure this is even a real dog?

I just want to hug him:

This guy appears to have got suss of the camera in his old age:

Double the trouble, double the cute:

Not everyone understood the point of the game though. We'll allow it this time:

Just try and look at this photo without saying "awwwwwwwhhhhh". You can't, can you?

This smiling mutt is all you will ever need in life:

So there we have it, proof that not only do dogs grow up faster than children, they're a whole lot cuter than them too.