Pink asks 12-year-old to sing for her and is left completely speechless

Pink asks 12-year-old to sing for her and is left completely speechless

We all have big dreams when we're little, but as we grow up, they usually start to fade. It could be that as we grow a little wiser and come to learn more of the world, we become slowly more disheartened about the little miracles we so wished for when we were younger. But as it turns out, dreams can come true, as demonstrated by this 12-year-old.

Thanks to the help of technology and the force of social media, Victoria Anthony's dream to sing alongside her favorite singer came true. The Canadian had always admired Pink, and after teaching herself to sing and play piano with the help of YouTube, Victoria further enlisted the help of the internet in order to meet the pop singer.

Victoria attended Pink's show at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, where she was performing for her Beautiful Trauma world tour. After catching the 38-year-old's attention, the mic was handed over to Victoria, and Pink was completely blown away.

It all started with a tweet, as many modern-day tales do. Sharing a video of herself singing, Victoria sent out a request to the kind strangers of the internet to help make her "dream" come true.

"Hey Pink, please let me sing on stage with you in Vancouver May 12. I’ll be ready! – Victoria (age 12)," she wrote. "Share this video and tag #vicandpink to make my dream come true."

The video shows Victoria introduce herself and tell Pink that "she'll be ready" to sing at her show. The clip includes snippets of Victoria singing and playing the piano to some of Pink's songs, and you've got to admit she's pretty talented (and bold!).

Well, as it turns out, the tweet attracted a lot of attention. It did the rounds on Twitter, and also ended up being discussed by several TV and media outlets in America.

Then, on the night of the concert in Vancouver, Victoria took to Twitter again to update fans about her pre-show meal (good choice, btw) and also to inform Pink which seat she would be sitting in.

"Eating my favourite prawn ravioli at Cactus Club Cafe before Beautiful Trauma Tour," she wrote to accompany a picture of the pasta and her nervously excited face. "Pink, you can find me at row four, seat 43."

And sure enough, Pink stopped in the middle of her concert to wander over to row four, seat 43, and approach Victoria to ask: "Are you who I read about on the news? Do you want to come sing something?"

Victoria eagerly took the mic and performed a powerful version of Perfect, which had Pink gazing at her in awe and mouthing "oh my god" throughout. The cheering audience almost drowned out the 12-year-old's voice at times, and by the end, Pink told Victoria, "you're amazing".

Victoria's family captured the moments on camera, and you can hear them screaming with excitement in the background and repeating "you did it, you did it!" while Pink climbed back on stage.

"I’m still kind of in shock," Victoria told Global News after the show. "What I’m taking away from this, and what everyone should take away, is that when you want something, like, nothing is impossible.

"You can always achieve something; [it] is just about the amount of effort you put in. It’s the beginning of something new. So I’m just really excited."

Good luck to Victoria with whatever big dreams she hopes to accomplish next, and thanks for the heartwarming tale.