Plus-size model is recreating all of Meghan Markle's looks and she's absolutely nailed it

Plus-size model is recreating all of Meghan Markle's looks and she's absolutely nailed it

If you'd asked me a year or so ago who Meghan Markle was, I'd probably have had no idea. Now, however, I can barely get through the day without seeing her name on my newsfeed or having someone bring up the royal wedding in conversation.

Needless to say, then, the former Suits star has soared in popularity since she started dating Prince Harry; and she seems to have adjusted fairly well to her newfound level of fame. Not only has she effortlessly stepped up to the position of a British Royal, she's also become a charitable role model and a veritable style icon.

In fact, for one plus-size model, she's become the ultimate fashion inspiration.

Katie Sturino, a model who describes herself as "Size 12ish in a Size 2 world", has been recreating pictures of the soon-to-be duchess on her Instagram page. She sources similar (and more affordable) garments to the ones sported by Markle in recent photos and then shares the details so that her followers can also get on the MegMark trend train.

She originally set up her account as a way of showcasing plus size fashion and has since branched out into creating mock-ups of celebrity looks.

"When I started 12ish Style, I was like, 'Man, am I the only girl who has a tough time shopping? Is this just me?'" she said in an interview with Business of Fashion. "What I learned after [joining] Instagram is that there are so many women out there who feel alone in their sizing because of the way they were marketed to."

And now, she's broadened her platform to include pictures of herself in lookalike outfits, with Markle being a favored source of inspiration.

"Classic style is classic for a reason – no matter how many times you wear it, it’ll always be in style," she says.

"Supersize the Look is one of my favorite posts that Katie does, and off-duty prince is my favorite kind of prince.  He’s wearing basic styles, but you can tell it’s THE BEST quality," says Sturino's friend, Ryan, who sometimes steps in to be the Harry to her Meghan. "Everybody deserves to feel royal, no matter your size or shape!"

But the bride-to-be isn't the only woman she looks up to. In fact, Sturino has created her own stylized "supersized" versions of looks after being inspired by the likes of Kaia Gerber, Chrissy Teigen, and, of course, Queen Bey.

With all the work she puts into her looks and her business, it's clear that Sturino is really passionate about personal style and helping plus-sized women find fashion that works for their shape. And, in a society where we almost always favor smaller-sized models, it's great to see someone with a fuller figure showcasing already popular looks in order to prove that big girls can work them just as well (if not better).

Plus, given the frequency at which Markle finds herself being papped or posted online, it's likely that there'll be many more royal-inspired looks still to come from Sturino.