Rihanna's leg hair on Instagram post has everyone totally in love

Rihanna's leg hair on Instagram post has everyone totally in love

Rihanna has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Disregarding the nine Grammy awards that she's accumulated, the 29-year-old is hailed as a pop culture and sartorial icon - known for upstaging the competition at prestigious awards ceremonies, such as the annual Met Gala (and for becoming a meme in the process). After all, are you even on Instagram if you don't have your feed routinely flooded with Rihanna's revolving coterie of celebrity pals, and her carefully curated - albeit avant-garde - wardrobe? And we can't neglect to mention Fenty Beauty, the makeup range she launched last year that provides women of color with the most diverse range of skin shades seen in a commercial venture.

But despite all this, it appears that Rihanna still has time to break down problematic beauty standards - chiefly in regards to female body hair. All women know the horror of having to shave their legs. I mean, despite being a nuisance, razors are expensive and frequently make your shower resemble that infamous scene in Psycho. As such, many girls are choosing to forgo shaving their legs because, you know, it's 2018 and women's bodies shouldn't be policed by societal expectations.

While female body hair continues to be censored in popular culture, more and more people are coming forward to normalize it, including Rihanna.

Yesterday, the singer posted a slew of photos to Instagram, which captured her enjoying the sun while baring her unshaven legs. Commenters were quick to praise the 30-year-old for not conforming to beauty standards. The snap has already garnered 3.3 million likes, and the people of Instagram was wholly for the fact that Rihanna isn't wasting her time wrestling with an overpriced pink razor - I mean, she's got a lingerie line to launch, folks!

"Rihanna has leg hair in her insta post so nobody better tell me sh*t when I grow out my leg hair this summer," one social media user wrote in response to the image, while another corroborated "Seeing Rihanna post bikini pics with hairy legs gives me life like YESSS sorry I don’t have time to shave everyday like society wants me to."

"RIHANNA'S LEG HAIR IS A MOOD," a third Twitter user added.

Fans also took time to praise the "stretch marks" they spotted in Rihanna's last photo. However, as it turns out, the streaks on her skin were just a trick of the light. "I got stretch marks but dats the sun," the singer pointed out in the comments. But regardless, the people of the internet were thankful for the representation.

"Rihanna has stretch marks so all the dudes out their with their unrealistic expectations of women can f*cking SWIVEL FOR ME," one Twitter user wrote. Another added, "Rihanna responded to a fan and said I got stretch marks but that’s the sun... just when I thought I couldn’t love her any more."

You go, Rihanna!