Royal reporter reveals real reason why there was an empty seat at the Royal Wedding

Royal reporter reveals real reason why there was an empty seat at the Royal Wedding

The event of the season, nay, the decade has just flown by and now we're having to make do with looking back over the photos, and you know, reading endless articles about the meaning behind Meghan's centuries-old tiara, and just how nervous Prince Harry was during the entire ordeal.

But regardless of how you feel of Meghan's apparently contentious gown - Givenchy by way of Clare Waight Keller - or her sexier evening ensemble - courtesy of Stella McCartney -  there are still plenty of other things to speculate over, sartorial or otherwise. Certainly, many people have been wondering why there was an empty seat at St. George's Chapel during Saturday's ceremony, and nearly everyone thinks it was a sweet tribute to Princess Diana.

Royalists got emotional this weekend over what they thought was a homage to Prince Harry's late mother.

"There’ll be a lot of things said & written about Harry & Meghan’s wedding (and rightly so) but one of the stand outs - for me - was the empty seat right next to William ... for Princess Diana," one Twitter user wrote, while another corroborated: "As if we weren't fragile enough already, the empty seat next to Wills and all of the flowers were for Diana."

But while that would have been a lovely sentiment, it's untrue. Royal reporter, Rebecca English, put such rumors to rest when she stated that it's protocol to leave the seat in front of the Queen empty.

"Btw -  I’ve seen some reports about the spare seat by Prince William in the chapel as having being left in memory of Princess Diana," the Daily Mail correspondent wrote on Twitter. "It wasn’t empty for that reason. The seat in front of the Queen is always left empty, I am told by BP."

"[The Queen] needs to be seen — and the seat she was sitting in today is her favourite seat in that chapel, apparently!" English later elaborated.

But regardless of the vacant chair, there were many other tributes made to the late Princess throughout the ceremony - and they included Meghan's veil, bridal bouquet, and a very special piece of jewelry that Prince Harry gifted her with for the wedding reception.

Eagle-eyed fans would have spotted something blue on Meghan's finger as the couple left Windsor Castle on Saturday - and as it turns out the rock once belonged to the late Princess Diana. A spokesperson for Kensington Palace later confirmed that the aquamarine ring was indeed Diana's, and when the internet heard of Harry's sweet gesture, they were naturally overwhelmed.

"Oh look it’s raining on my face again," one social media user wrote, while another added "*runs to Walgreens to buy another box of tissues*".

Of course, this is not the first blue ring to make a debut from Princess Diana's personal collection. Prince William famously proposed to Kate Middleton with his late mother's blue diamond sapphire engagement ring back in 2010.

Don't worry - we can't stop the tears either.