Ryan Reynolds had a hilarious response to Blake Lively unfollowing him on Instagram

Ryan Reynolds had a hilarious response to Blake Lively unfollowing him on Instagram

Alright, folks, it's time to play social media detective. Blake Lively just deleted everything off her Instagram – like, literally wiped it clean by deleting all her posts and unfollowing everyone – which left the masses wondering why.

A lot of people speculated that we'd witness another shock split between yet another Hollywood golden couple, seeing as she even unfollowed her husband, Ryan Reynolds. They've been married since 2012, and have since kept us entertained with glamorous couple shots from the red carpet, as well as their trademark trolling of one another on social media. So when she deleted all her posts – including the ones where she poked fun at her hubby – people thought that something was up.

Turns out it's all for the promotion of an upcoming film. Blake wiped her Instagram clean but then wrote a cryptic message in her bio which read: "What happened to Emily?" She then followed 38 new profiles on Instagram... all named Emily Nelson.

Blake finally came forth with her first Instagram post since the purge yesterday, sharing a video of an upcoming film titled A Simple Favor. It co-stars Anna Kendrick and looks like a snazzy kind of crime thriller.

But what did Ryan think of all this? And was he in on it? Well, he sat down with Australian radio presenter Smallzy for an interview and his response to the whole thing is just perfect.

"It definitely stings," he said. "It's a terrible way to find out that I've been kicked out of the house, to be honest. Absolutely terrible. I don't know where rage like that comes from."

Smallzy followed his tongue-in-cheek response by saying at least their children – three-year-old James and one-year-old Ines – were still too young to have "that conversation" about why their parents weren't talking to each other.

Ryan agreed, imitating what the conversation would've sounded like if they needed to have The Talk: "If I told them: 'Mommy unfollowed Daddy on Instagram,' my child would just fart and walk away."

LOL. You can see the clip for yourself here:

Ryan has been on a press tour for his own upcoming film at the moment, with the hotly anticipated Deadpool 2 due to come out in two weeks time. His funny bone was put on public display again a few days ago when he took to Twitter to lament the fact that his anti-hero character would never make it into an Avengers movie.

The 41-year-old posted an image of a coffee-stained letter which looks like it was sent from Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. "From a guy who never knows when to quit, I’m glad you guys never did. Congrats #Avengers," he wrote in the caption, congratulating his friends on their latest box office success with Infinity War.

If you look closely, the letter reads: "Re: Joining the Avengers," before continuing on with the answer. "No. Absolutely not. Go bother Prof. X. No," wrote Tony Stark, signing off down the bottom.

Well, even if there's no more evidence of the Blake and Ryan trolling wars on her Instagram, at least Ryan is still providing the comedic gold.