Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolled his own daughter after she featured in a Taylor Swift song

Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolled his own daughter after she featured in a Taylor Swift song

I know you're probably sick of reading it, but Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are just the perfect couple. They're gorgeous, they're successful, they have a wholesome little family, and they seem so down to earth and fun to hang out with that it's almost annoying.

And of course, both of them are qualified to run Trolling 101 classes for people who want to take witty-and-evil-but-in-a-loving-way jabs at their partner on social media.

Ryan and Blake have taken subtle swings at each other over Instagram and Twitter throughout the course of their relationship, providing us with endless entertainment, and making us fall even more in love with their romance.

But it seems that Ryan has set his sights on a new victim: his eldest daughter. Three-year-old James is growing up super fast, and it seems that the Deadpool actor thinks she's old enough to become subject to his jibes.

It came while Ryan was doing the promotional circuit for Deadpool 2, talking to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America. The host brought up the fact that James has already had her first taste of stardom after starring in a track from Taylor Swift's most recent album, Reputation.

You see, Ryan's daughter lent her vocal talents to the songstress on her song Gorgeous, in which a young girl's voice can be heard giggling "gorgeous" at the very start of the track. Turns out it was little James, and it's pretty adorable to realise who it was behind the voice of the intro.

But in classic Ryan Reynolds fashion, the 41-year-old lamented how the Taylor Swift "collab" had made his three-year-old "insufferable".

"My daughter has a really, really terrible ego problem now after that song," Ryan quipped. "Oh, she's insufferable."

He went on to clarify that James had starred in the Taylor Swift song, though he highly doubts that she would've noticed how much of a big deal it was at the time (she would have been two at the time of recording).

"Yeah she's in a Taylor Swift song," Ryan confirmed. "I don't know if she knows she's in a Taylor Swift song. A little intro there, yeah, um… That was a voice memo that ended up on a song."

When asked about whether he and Lively were into their kids getting involved in the entertainment industry, Ryan responded: "No, mostly because I'm against child abuse. Show business for a little kid, that's a crazy pursuit, you know."

"Acting is great, you, theatre, school, [that's] amazing, but I don't know why you would want to put your kid in show business," he went on.

All joking aside, it's clear that Ryan adores his family – including Blake, James and their youngest daughter Ines.

"My family is everything to me," Ryan told Vanity Fair recently. "[Blake has] immeasurably made my life better. She's my best friend. I absolutely love and respect her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Aww, stop it, you guys.